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5 Ways to Wear Your '90s Clothing Today

“Hit me, baby, one more time!” with the 90’s fashions that are back in style! I LOVED the 90’s. The music was good, the world felt safer and styles were…. well, pretty SWEET! Okay- not ALL of them were that great. If your inner fashionista is wondering what 90’s styles are back, we have got you covered. Here are 5 tips on which styles to pull out of the back of your closet:

1. Windbreaker Jackets

Yes, you read that correctly. Those loud swishy jackets are back in style... not just the jackets, but OVERSIZED windbreakers and tracksuits are back in style. A 90’s swing on Active Wear (queue the Activewear Parody!), specifically with the middle school and high school age groups, is running back in 20+ years later! Be sure it’s a solid color and not one of the totally stellar ones from the ’80s! Wrong decade, hello?!


2. Denim Jackets

Get your GAP jackets out of the storage unit! Denim jackets of all types are making their comeback! You could have the cropped jacket that hits right below the bust line. Or, wear an oversized jumbo jacket that used to be prominent in a lot of 90’s music videos for both male and female artists! But the traditional fit seems to be the most popular denim jacket style. Wear it with a cute sundress or jeans and a t-shirt to an outdoor concert or lunch with the girls!


3. Overalls

Wicked! Any overall fabric, color, or style is hip again. Overall shorts, dresses, traditional overalls, orange, denim, pink- you name it! Pull them out of the boxes in the basement and get all your overalls out. Even the shorts! Adding tights and ankle boots make a fun fall style that will keep with the 90’s trend. OVERALL, you can't go wrong with your overalls! (see what I did there? ;)


4. Bandana Accessories

Wearing a cute colored bandana is a great little 90’s accessory making its way to the top of many 90’s fashion guides. Use it as a headband, neckerchief, bracelet, ponytail holder, or belt loop accessory. Are you getting major flashbacks yet? I sure am! Oh, the nostalgia! I can almost smell the memories! Any fabric store or local dollar store should have colored bandanas. Get your Cher (Clueless) on and get yourself some bandana accessories.


5. Crop Tops

AS IF!!!! No, really- they are back! But there have been some evolutions to the crop top! They aren’t all spaghetti tanks and super short, some are in fact longer! This trend surprised me a little bit, in more ways than one. First, that the fashion was back at all, and two that I don’t hate it! I love that women of all shapes and sizes are loving their bodies and feel comfortable with this style. I am not one to wear just a crop top. I always worry they will slip around, and I will end up flashing people all day! If that's the ONLY thing keeping you from trying the crop top style- try a Halftee! Every Halftee comes with our signature NON-SLIP band so you won’t have to worry about it slipping and flashing the world.


Do you know what makes these styles even better? They go well together! Wear your crop top with your overalls or your denim jacket. Use a bandana accessory with your overalls! Break-in that windbreaker with your crop top or overalls! 5 completely different yet Interchangeable 90’s fashion trends to keep up with all the fashionista’s out there! We want to see your 90’s fashions with Halftee! Share your outfit inspirations with us!


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