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6 Tips for Looking Stylish on a Budget

Looking stylish on a budget can feel daunting and overwhelming, but it's much more doable than you might think!

Do you struggle to get dressed in the morning? Do you feel like your budget is holding you back from dressing the way you want or from wearing the clothes you want to wear? If this sounds like you, then today's article is definitely for you!

Dressing well, looking great, and feeling confident doesn't have to cost you thousands of dollars. There are many ways you can look stylish without breaking the budget! Of course, a budget is subjective, and these financial parameters will vary from one person to the next. But today, we're filling you in on our best tips to have excellent style no matter the size of your budget.

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6 Insider Tips for Looking Stylish on a Budget

  1. Be Confident — Our first tip to looking stylish on a budget won't cost you a dime! Of course, in the grand scheme of things, what you are wearing doesn't really matter.
    We're firm believers that it's what's inside that counts! But, at the same time, and for many people, how you look directly correlates to how you feel. Looking good and feeling good about your appearance go hand in hand.
    One of the best ways you can look good (that has nothing to do with your budget) is to be confident. Want to look good? It's simple — you just have to believe it. You may feel silly at first, but you'll find that once you make this decision, you will ooze confidence from the inside out.

  2. Basics Are Key — The best foundation for any wardrobe is the basics and essentials. "Basics" can look different for each person, depending on your personal style. If your style is more preppy and classic, you might want your basics foundation to look like this: a white button-down shirt, a structured blazer, and straight blue jeans. 
    Is your style more boho? Then your basics will look a bit different with a flowy dress in an understated print, loose linen pants, and neutral-colored booties.
    The great news is, regardless of your style, there are "basics" in a wide range of prices. You can find the perfect white t-shirt (an essential piece that everyone needs) that fits your budget! Basics are the building blocks to the perfect outfit, and thankfully you don't have to break the bank to get them into your closet.

  3. Know Your Body Shape — Another tip that won't cause you to dip into your budget is to know your body. Dressing for the body you have, not the body you want, is crucial to looking and feeling good. Let's be honest; it's hard for anyone to feel good or look stylish when the clothes they're wearing don't fit or aren't flattering.
    Instead, take a good, honest look at yourself and learn what works for your body shape. Get a good understanding of the silhouettes that help you feel your best. You don't need to follow the standard rules here. You decide what looks good on you and what makes you feel stylish and confident. Throw out the rule book.

  4. Go Shopping in Your Closet — Have you ever looked through your closet and found a top or a pair of jeans and thought, "I forgot I had that!" Don't worry — you're not alone!
    Before you head to the mall or open your computer for some retail therapy, go to your closet and do a little shopping there! You're likely to find a lot of pieces you forgot about or haven't worn for a while.
    You might also find some clothes you're ready to pass on to someone else. Consider selling your lightly used pieces on an online marketplace or at your local thrift shop to help bulk up your clothing budget. Donating your items to a nearby shelter is also a great idea.

  5. Define Your Style — How many items do you have in your closet that you never wear because you just don't know how to style them? Or maybe you have several articles of clothing that still have a tag on them. It's probably safe to say that we're all guilty of making impulse purchases on items that don't really have a place in our closets.
    This habit of buying clothes that don't actually get worn is a budget killer. So, before making any more purchases, define your personal style, so it's easier to shop and build outfits that actually reflect you. Only buy pieces that fit with your aesthetic and ones that you'll actually wear.

  6. Don't Worry About Name-Brands — Just because something is from a name-brand designer does not necessarily mean it's stylish. And just because something is from a budget-conscious big box store doesn't necessarily mean it's not fashionable.
    More than ever before, you can find on-trend, quality pieces at these big-box stores without going over budget! You can get the look of these name-brand pieces and create stylish outfits without the name-brand price tag.

Look Stylish on a Budget with Halftee!

Looking stylish on a budget is easy when you implement our pro tips!

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