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I’m a Mom. I spend a lot of time chasing after my kids, leaning over to wipe noses, pick up the many items they leave lying around, and of course, pick up my kids as well. With all that bending over, I have become aware that a lot of tops just don’t cover what they should.

You know how when you stand in the dressing room, looking in the mirror, you have your clothing adjusted all perfectly… yeah. That isn’t real life ladies! Clothing shifts, you have to bend over to get something, whatever. That can make for some boobie flashing, and I personally am not a fan.

For this very reason, I have fallen in {love} with Halftee. They offer numerous styles and colours so you can layer your outfits, add a pop of colour, and most of all, keep things covered.

Probably my favorite feature is the fact that they are “half” tees. So not extra bulk to adjust all day. This also makes them perfect for layering under a dress.

The 3/4 sleeve and long sleeve Halftee would both be great for extending the life of your summer wardrobe, and these are also perfect for pregnant women.

{heart} It

Halftees are available in 7 great colours and 5 styles.  Also available, Girlee Halftees, in both short and long sleeves.

Coming up in a couple weeks… make sure to check back for turtleneck Halftees, as well as full lace, long sleeved Halftees!

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