Modest Neckline: Halftee

by GfG on December 19, 2011

Modest Neckline: Halftee

I’ve shared before how important I think modesty is.  We had a conversation about it here.  It was quite a conversation.  As my wardrobe has changed, I have found one item became necessary: a tank/cami/shirt for improving the neckline of tops.

I needed some under shirts/tanks that actually cover, but don’t choke me.  I wanted no cleavage showing.  I wanted no cleavage line (I’ve heard that when men see just the start of a breast line, they finish the line all the way around without even purposing to think it.  That makes sense to me and I’d like to avoid that).   I wanted no part of my breast showing.  Not just when I am standing still, but when I move about.

That was quite a task.  Seriously.  I don’t know if it’s just my being petite or that I am high chested, but even adjustable camis were not covering my cleavage.

A friend suggested that I try the Halftee.  It was darling, but it didn’t cover enough for me.  At first wear, it seemed to, but less than an hour or so later, one could see a cleavage line.    I was having to tug on the neckline.  Exactly what I was trying to avoid.  I returned the Halftees only to get a call from their wonderful customer service.   They mentioned that I could wear the Halftee backwards and it would give me more coverage.  I did and I was happily surprised to find that it worked!

under shirts/tanks

YEA! Halftee offers white, cream, black, brown, pink and navy in a six sleeve lengths (and now a lace one!).  I wish I had ordered at least one 3/4 length because I can see how it would help make a neckline modest as well as take a dress or shirt normally worn in warmer weather to a colder season.  A real plus in my book.   I have a tank style and a few in the basic style.

under shirts/tanks

I both like and dislike the idea of the undershirt being only half a shirt.  Sometimes that’s a real benefit. This would especially be wonderful for nursing mamas.   Sometimes a coverage at the waistline would be nice too, though.

I’m perusing the internet searching for options that cover at the bottom also and will get back to you soon, but know this… I wear a Halftee almost every day now!  I really do like them a lot.

When I was ordering my Halftees, I asked if they might be interested in donating one for me to review.  They sent a Girlee Halftee for each of my younger girls!  I was thrilled.  The girls, even more so.  The funny thing is that they didn’t have a lot to wear them with at first because I have been getting rid of shirts/not buying shirts that go too low due to immodesty.

Don’t the girls look darling?

girls halftee

I am happy to know that I can now buy shirts, blouses and dresses that are otherwise darling and modest, but need a little coverage in neckline.  Their spring and summer wardrobe is going to open up a bunch I bet!  The Girlee Halftees are available in black, white and pink in two sleeve lengths and now they offer a burnout style that is just darling!

I’m very happy with Halftee and think you would be too.  I also believe a Halftee or two would be a great gift or stocking stuffer for any teens or young women in your life to encourage modesty and still look great!  They can even have your order delivered in time (unless it’s for out of the country) if you order no later than the 21st!

under shirts/tanks

Have you found a solution to the cleavage problem modest Christian women face nowadays?    What works for you?

*Halftee did not solicit these reviews.  I bought my items myself.  The girls’ Halftees were donated for review.  All the comments are my own opinion.

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