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The 8 Best Clothing Stores for Plus-Size Women

Walking into a store, you head to the clothing section and there are soooo many cute styles and fashions you can’t wait to get! You flick through the sizes anxious to grab yours and…. Disappointment sets in… They only go to an XL. You sadly wonder the women’s clothing section again and find a small and limited plus-size section. Most everything is designed to be a tent around your plus size figure. Nothing is flattering, or it’s so low cut you feel embarrassed looking at it on the rack, let alone against your own. Can you relate?

I find shopping to be difficult and discouraging. So how do you combat the woes of shopping your size? Well! I have compiled a list of awesome places for mid and plus-size women to shop! Places you will find fashionable clothes, that are made for your body. Shop with confidence and find your inner fashionista!



Here at Halftee we really like Target! I find Target to be a hit or miss for me. Some days they have killer fashions in plus size and other days their plus size seems to be too small. But one thing is for sure, it is always fashionable. To be honest, Walmart is getting better too. It’s a rare find there, but I found an adorable jumper there that I had to get in denim and a deep army green color!

Price Point - typically you can find items starting at about $16+.



I personally haven’t shopped from Torrid yet, but they have been on my try list for a long time! With sizes 10-30, you can find something to fit your body and style. Dresses, swim, bras, jeans, blouses, shoes, and accessories, you name it. They have options for YOU. Since researching for this blog, I have some items on my wish list and a few things waiting in the cart! Shhh, don’t tell my hubby.

Price Point - pretty much everything not on clearance is about $22+.



Cato Fashions has a large inventory and a variety of items. Their plus-size section runs sizes 16-28. You can find blouses, jumpers, denim skirts, undergarments, dresses, skirts… so many options! In my opinion, they are more “flow-y” material, and the look is soft and elegant. But they do have few edgier items and graphic tees etc. Give them a look and see if you can find your next cute outfit or staple closet piece!

Price Point - starts at about $18 and goes up from there.



Is a multi-level marketing company that sells women’s clothing. As a multi-level marketing company, LuLaRoe recruits independent distributors. These distributors, referred to as "fashion consultants," sell products via social media or mini websites. Prices will vary slightly from person to person. For the most part, they have dresses and tops, and their sizes go up to 3X. I would consider their items to be more casual, but with the right tips and tricks you could dress it up too.

Price point - typically I saw about $22+ on each site I looked at with a few sale items.



“Welcome to Chic Soul–your destination for trendy plus size clothing that honors your inner dazzlingly-dressed diva! We're your go-to resource for all-occasion, fashion-forward plus size women's clothing, no matter if you're dressing for a special occasion, the workday, or a night out on the town.” This quote from their website is not wrong. Adorable items with many occasions to wear. Sundrop dress- I NEED YOU! They are flirty and fun which gives getting dressed a lot more excitement for us, plus-sized women.

Price Point - a little on the higher end, the cheapest blouse I saw was $36… So, you are looking at about $36+ for each item here.



Another online store with a lot of variety. Stores like Shein used to scare me because they seem to fit tiny people only and their plus-size shops always seemed to run small. But Shein offers measurements that pop up when you select your size, and they even have free standard shipping on orders $49+. With free returns and exchanges and a fast shipping time. You can shop with confidence that Shein is not like other shops from overseas. Their sizing goes through 3X in most items. Blouses, jumpers, and two-piece outfit sets, shoes, jeans, professional, fun… options seem endless at Shein. Check them out and give their items a try!

Price Point - the lowest I saw for blouses was $8 and the most expensive I saw was $35 and that was for a coat-like blouse. So really affordable!



A friend of mine told me about this boutique, and she had a fun Facebook store or an online store with an app! Shopping online can be scary… Foxy Habit eases that stress a little bit. She tries or has models try every outfit on and describes the fit on their body so you can determine if it would look good on your own. Their sizes run from XS-3X. Check them out at the “Foxy Habit Boutique” in the App Store.

Price Point - $26+ for blouses.



At every single one of these stores, you will find sleeveless or low-cut tops, dresses, and jumpers. Many women know this is a continued struggle. Whether it’s for comfort, religious preferences, professional coverup of cleavage, or tattoos, many of us like the extra coverage. We want to feel comfortable and proper for the occasion in everything we wear. Thankfully, there’s a Halftee for that! No matter the style, or fashion piece, Halftee’s got you covered. We offer sizes XS-6X. 

Enjoy shopping at these stores and let us know if there are any other plus-size boutiques or shops you like!


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