Basic HALFTEE Layering Top For Women

Ode to the Basic Halftee.
The basic halftee was the first ever Halftee I had designed.. The Basic Halftee Layering Tee is the "catch all". It is the go to piece that almost every Halftee owner has in her closet. We sell almost 3 times as many white basic halftees than any other halftee in our store. 
It can work for almost any issue you may have and for most of our religious women out there, it covers the areas that in most religions are considered "must cover zones"--- the shoulders and the cleavage. I still have not figured out why shoulders are sooo inappropriate, but I am not in charge and I am vigilantly obedient. So cover the cleave and shoulder is what I do. Basic Halftee sales hit an all time spike in the month of July. HOT! HOT! HOT! Maxi dresses are out and about in abundance and nothing pairs with a Maxi dress better than a basic halftee. Let's be honest nothing is worse than having a long Maxi dress and if you are like me, short, (so they literally are dragging on the ground) and finding ourselves in a corner or nearest bathroom, trying to fetch our full length undershirt that has crept it's way up. So inconvenient and annoying, to have a bulky, bunchy, HOT undershirt to babysit and keep in its place. A basic halftee or any sleeve length eliminates that problem effortlessly. 
Basic Essential:
The basic then transitions nicely into fall and winter to be worn under those v-neck sweaters, button down polo shirts and as a basic undershirt for those shirts you need coverage in the chest but still want to wear a cardigan over, to pull the whole outfit together.This would be my favorite time to sport my basic halftee. I love wearing my basic halftee under a tank dress shirt and then adding a cardigan, or something like that, to finish the perfect 3 step layering process. In my opinion, more than 3 layers looks a bit excessive,  the 3 different levels of fabric and mixes of texture and patterns, makes the outfit look finished and complete, in all those fall and winter styles. In fact I will have to be honest, I love my Halftees in the summer for comfort reasons, but in the winter I REALLY love them because they make it exciting to layer. I know that I can put a full outfit together, and by replacing that base layer with a Halftee, I eliminate so much of the extra discomfort and heat, which in return makes the layering process so much more inviting! Come see our options
So moral of this post, Everyone NEEDS a basic Halftee in their stash. 


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