Women's Spring Clothes Ideas for the Modest Shopper - HALFTEE Layering Fashions

Women's Spring Clothes Ideas for the Modest Shopper

Hello ladies! Back with another blog for you, and this time I wanted to talk to you about styling for spring! With the warmer season quickly approaching, I saw fit to give you guys some inspiration for some great spring looks! I have some pretty simple Ideas but If you're anything like me I like to be prepared, so having some outfits in mind is great. It can be stressful trying to find seasonal outfits, but don’t worry I’ve got your back! I hope these outfits give you ladies some inspiration! 

The first look is the most fancy. If you're going out to a nice dinner or date, this is the outfit for you! A nice bright red is a great color for spring, so it's time to pull out that red dress from your closet that never gets worn enough. Don’t worry if it's a tank top dress or low cut dress— Halftee has you covered! You can pair your dress with a turtleneck Halftee and get a more full coverage look! I’m not sure about you guys, but one of my favorite looks is boots or booties with a dress! Think it's adorable! So personally, I would pair this look with a white boot! 


The next look is for my more casual girls out there. Everyone loves a good jumper! They are so comfortable and super cute! My favorite thing about jumpers is they make it look like you tried so hard on your outfit when really all you did was throw on a jumper. They make you look so put together! One of the downfalls of jumpers is having to layer, and let's all be honest, putting a full length layer on under a jumpsuit is the worst! You're constantly having to pull it down, and it bunches up around your stomach! It's just not practical! Lucky for you, I have the perfect solution! A Halftee!! They make layering so much easier. Halftees eliminate the bulk and heat when it comes to layering with a full length. I personally would pair a more festive Halftee like our new spring colors with my white jumper! Giving you the perfect casual spring look. Now depending on what you prefer you can throw on a cute pair of sneakers to keep it casual or even dress it up a bit with a boot or heel!


For the last look I came up with, you can dress it up or dress it down! But I love a cute pair of comfortable flattering jeans! And what could be better for spring than some brightly colored jeans? I know bright colors can be intimidating, but trust me, and give it a try! Bright colors can really give you a confidence boost. For this look you can pair it with a cute graphic tee (we paired ours with a white mesh Halftee) for a more casual look or you can pair it with a nice blouse! If you pair it with a pair of heels you can have a more fancy look and add some accessories to make you look more put together! That’s all I have for you today! Let me know which of these spring inspired outfits you’re most excited to try out!


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