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How You Can Style Fashionably on a Budget

Hi ladies! I know that many of you love to shop savvy, so today I want to share some of my favorite tips for styling affordably. You don’t have to have designer clothes to radiate great style. However you should pick clothing that makes you feel confident and happy. When you look in your closet, think of who you want to be, and how you want to feel; how you dress can help you feel like you’re showing up for yourself, and that you’re really going after the life you want! If your clothes don’t line up with that vision, don’t hold on to them— it’s time to give them a better home. With that said, let’s jump into 8 tips for affordable styling!

    1. My first tip comes from fashion designer Tan France: find inexpensive clothing you like, and then take it to get tailored! You’d be surprised at how affordable tailoring is! Simple alterations can make a huge difference. Clothes that might have had a frumpy fit before can look stunning when you get them fitted to be more flattering on your body. This is a great way to make affordable clothing look polished and posh.
    2. Know the difference between fashion fads and true style. Trends come and go, and once a season is over, they can be gone forever. While you’re shopping, ask yourself honestly if you can see yourself wearing the item in hand for more than one season, and for more than one year. Don’t spend money on things that will lose their value quickly. An example of a timeless piece that comes to mind for me is a white button down.
    3. Look for end of season sales. I know from personal experience that retailers need to get rid of seasonal inventory as the seasons change. If you answered yes to the questions in #2, this is a great way to save big on the clothes you want.
    4. Create a capsule wardrobe! Find 10 articles of clothing that pair well together. These will become your foundational pieces that you can mix and match to create several different looks. If you are unfamiliar with capsule wardrobes, click here for an example of a 10x10 challenge to get inspired for building your own fashion foundation!
    5. Don’t be afraid to thrift or buy pre owned clothing! I get some of my favorite clothes from places like Savers, Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Facebook Marketplace! If you go into  a thrift store, make sure to keep your wardrobe in mind as you shop. If you find something that you can wear with  3 or more things you have at home, then you know you’ve found something good.
    6. Buy clothes that make you happy enough that you can see yourself wearing them 30+ times. This is a great way to help you spend money wisely on the things you love. If you don’t love it, don’t buy it! It’s also a great step towards more sustainable fashion.
    7. Style up casual clothes, and style down more formal clothes. We styled this flowy dress down by adding casual elements like sandals and a leather jacket.You probably already own some great sweatsuit / sweat pants and a graphic tee. Style a sweatsuits with a monochrome overcoat, or put a blazer over your graphic tee for a sophisticated casual look!  I recommend looking into these ideas from Who What Wear.
    8. Last but not least, I think a great way to style with a budget is to find tops or dresses your can wear all year, and layer them accordingly! Styling a Halftee under your clothing can help you get seasonally appropriate layers!


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