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What To Wear When Exercising


Exercising is bomb-dot-com! It’s a great way to destress, increase energy, improve your health, as well as many other factors. Whether you work out a lot or a little, it’s important to dress appropriately for the workout of your choice. You should feel comfortable, confident, and be able to express yourself fashion-wise when you get active! I LOVE being able to wear clothes that are fitting for the gym or a brisk walk while also looking stylish instead of frumpy. Here are some tips on what to wear when exercising!




First thing you need to do is identify what type of exercise you will be doing. Are you hiking? Playing a vigorous sport, are you lifting? These are all things you want to be thinking about before you choose what you are going to wear. For example, when I go play basketball I typically wear the joggers sold at Halftee. They provide comfort while still maintaining a cute stylish look. They provide free movement that is perfect for changing on a dime while running. It’s so great when I start with identifying the action before I choose my outfit, it makes for the best outcome!

My Favorite Workout Pieces To Wear For Year-Round Exercise 

Number One! Walmart Shorts With A Fitted Liner $14 . I LOVE these shorts because they provide that extra support with the liner beneath the looser outer layer. I love the liner because I don’t have to worry about anyone seeing too much if the shorts ride up as the loose shorts often do. Not to mention these shorts are affordable so CUTE!!


Number Two! Polartec Cold Weather Leggings for $40. I love these for working out when it’s chilly outside. They provide comfort and warmth in the winter months while still providing a breathable piece as we move into spring. LOVE it!!!!


Number Three! LuluLemon Align Joggers for $90. These joggers are a cross between yoga pants and sweatpants. The fabric is closer to that of yoga pants but they provide a looser fit like sweatpants with a higher class look. These are great for those of you who want to workout with style and comfort! 

Number Four! Brooks Running Shoes $85. These are a must for running or walking. They are super comfy, stylish, and provide all of the needed support.




Dress For Comfort

To wrap this up, whatever workout you do, you should make sure that you are comfortable in your clothes. They should fit your body in a way that increases your confidence to perform an optimal workout. Some women feel more comfortable with clothes that leave more room for added comfort. Other women prefer the tightly fitted yoga pants. Whether you love the loose fit or the tight fit, choose what is most comfortable for YOU! Wear clothes that inspire you to be a happier, healthier you! Until next time ladies!


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