The Best Way to Style With What’s in Your Closet


One of the most common questions people ask when it comes to fashioning is, how do I style with what I already have in my closet? The easiest answer to that is to mix and match, and the ultimate life hack to doing that is to add Halftees to the mix.

One of the things I love about Halftees is that I can wear the same shirt with different Halftees and it completely changes the look of the shirt. To prove it, I participated in the 10x10 challenge. I took 10 pieces of clothing and mixed and matched them into 10 different outfits for 10 different days using clothes that I already had in my closet.

Here is what I used:

2 pairs of shoes

2 pairs of pants:


3 shirts:


2 Halftees:


1 jacket:

10x10 Challenge


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