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Halftee's Guide to Styling Like Audrey Hepburn in 2021

Audrey Hepburn has long been revered as one of the classiest ladies of all time. We love her style, because she had an affinity for fashion that never goes out of style. Decades later, people are still inspired by Audrey’s fashion intuition. Here’s a few ways you can dress classy with Audrey-inspired looks for 2021! 

1. Form-fitting cropped black cigarette pants. These are a go-to for Audrey, and in 2021, they are still as popular as ever! Audrey was often seen wearing cigarette pants with ballet flats, but the great thing about cropped pants is that they work great with booties, heels, and flats. If you like the dressed down modern European street look, you can even pair cropped pants with chunky white sneakers.

2. Striped Shirts. This is a classic french-girl look from Audrey Hepburn that we adore. Check out our striped sleeveless turtlenecks to elevate your wardrobe.

3. Oversized white button downs. Did Audrey know in the future, we would still be crushing on oversized clothes? You can get a little extra coverage by wearing a tank Halftee with this look!

4. Gingham pants. These can be styled in so many fun and different ways. Gingham pants are a bold statement piece, but you’ll feel like a star sporting them around.

5. Lightweight plaids and hoop earnings. We’re all about light, feminine plaids. It also seems that hoop earrings are more popular now than ever before. Sigh… *Audrey, you did it again* Try pairing one of these shirts with a ¾ Halftee.

6. Ascots aka neck scarfs. This beautiful accessory speaks for itself. Neck scarfs are all the rage right now. They are one of the most beautiful and decorative accessories from the past. In “A Roman Holiday” Audrey is seen wearing an ascot, and lovely strapped sandals.

7. Trench coats. Classy all around.

8. Turtlenecks. Audrey’s most iconic look is with turtlenecks. We’re huge turtleneck fans too! Shop Turtlenecks with us! Or, if you like the look of turtlenecks, but you feel like they’re constrictive around the neck, check out our Mock Neck Halftees!


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