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The Amazing Way You Can Get Free Halftees

You find a product you love, you use it all the time! Your friend tells you her problem…. You used to have that problem… now you have the solution… THAT PRODUCT YOU LOVE SO MUCH! You gush and tell your friend all about it and how she needs one of her own! She goes and buys it herself and falls in love with it too… She buys  it regularly…. You referred her to try a product she couldn’t get enough of! You are a great friend!

How easy was that? With minimal effort you became an ambassador for that product. What if you could earn more of the product and give your friend a discount? That’s what Halftee offers! When you become an ambassador for Halftee, we create an unique 20% off discount code and link for you to pass along. Every time your code or link is used to purchase a Halftee, you earn 5% back. That 5% adds up. When you earn a total of $25 from your code/link, we send you a gift card and free shipping code to get FREE HALFTEES! Easy peasy lemon squeezy! 

We also make it easy for you to share by providing marketing materials for you to use in social media posts, texts or emails to your friends and family. You have a support team named Alli (Hey, that’s me!)! Any questions you have, I am your girl! We have a private Facebook group for you to join. Be part of the Halftee Loving community of Ambassadors and get access to giveaways, early access to new launches, as well as LIVES with Amanda Barker- the owner of Halftee! Download the affiliate app we use to track your sales, access marketing material on the go and always find your code or link to share! Not a fan of apps? No problem, you can access the same dashboard with the same information on your computer! Two more things make this Ambassador program amazing!

One, customer linking… Yep you read that right… When you refer a friend and they order with your code or link, they’re linked to you for the life of their Halftee purchases. Every order they place in the future will earn you that 5% back. If they shop our sales, they use another discount code…. YOU get credit for their return. Whoever’s link or code is used first, gets linked to the customer. You don’t have to worry about them putting your code in every time… Just the first time! Second awesome thing, earning $0.25 every time your referral ambassador gets an order. That friend who loved the product so much? She wants to share it with everyone she knows! Why not have her sign up as an ambassador under you? She will earn her 5% just like you, but YOU will earn $0.25 for every order placed under her too! You get closer and closer to that FREE HALFTEE! What do you say? Are you ready to be an ambassador? Sign up here.

What if you love Halftee, but are looking to earn a little extra income? Maybe our INFLUENCER PROGRAM is for you?! Similar to our Ambassador Program, you have access to the app, the dashboard and support with Alli. So what’s different? To be an influencer you should have a strong social media following. That doesn’t necessarily mean hundreds of thousands of followers… To make it worthwhile you should probably have about 5k+ followers with good interaction on your social posts. Lots of likes, comments and follow through from your followers. Don’t have a Halftee yet? That’s okay! We will send you one! To be an influencer you need to post 2-4X per month about Halftee. These can be style pics, reels, how to’s, stories showing the different way you style, etc… Even sharing our content and talking about why you agree with what we posted or how this tip helped you. You need to share your 20% off code or link in every post to make it easy for your followers to use your code. On average, it takes consumers 7 exposures to a product before we buy. The more you share the more often and likely you are to get sales to earn commission on. That’s right! Influencers earn commission. You earn 10% commission on all sales through your link/code or linked customer orders.

So Let’s lay it out a little easier….


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