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Spice Up Your Summer Clothes this Fall with these Simple Styling Tips

Fall is creeping up on us, but before you start bagging your colorful summer clothes and sentencing them to a few months on the closet floor, let’s talk about taking our summer clothes into fall. With a little bit of thoughtful styling, cute summer wardrobes can have a second life during autumn. Here’s some great ways to transition your style between the seasons. 

 Girl, keep those graphic tees, blouses, and maxi dresses out. Adding layers both over and under can serve a practical—and very stylish—purpose. Try adding a turtle neck under your favorite graphic tee. Why not throw a cardigan over that maxi dress you love? Look classy by wearing a trendy blazer with your blouse. Summer clothes come alive in autumn with a little bit of layering. 


Cover your feet! Pull out those cute stockings and booties! It’s easy to take an outfit from summer to fall by simply swapping your sandals and open-toed shoes for booties or closed toe shoes! 


“Autumn-tone” your bright tops by pairing them with darker neutrals. Some black jeans or a dark cardigan can really do wonders for helping a flamboyant summer shirt feel more like fall. 


Make a statement. Fall is a great time to bring out hats, scarves, and stunning statement jackets. If you have a statement piece you love, bring it to life! If you don’t have a piece you love, don’t be afraid to try something new. After all, fall is the perfect time to spice things up. 



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