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Busy Moms Beauty Routine

busy moms beauty routine

We talked to owners Amanda and Noelle to get a glimpse into their busy moms beauty routine and how they achieve their flawless face.

Amanda: My beauty regime is much shorter than Noelle’s. It is very simple, only 5 steps. My goal is 30 minutes and done. If I can’t get showered, dressed, hair done, and makeup on in 30 minutes, I have to cut something out.

I start by washing my face in the shower. Then I put on my favorite Mary Kay moisturizer and foundation (1) using my hands- no sponge or brush. In the last six months Noelle told me I needed to start filling in my eyebrows, since they are the most important feature that frames your face. Noelle also made me buy the Dior eyebrow pencil (2), it works really well and I actually love it. After filling in my brows, I put on some Mary Kay mascara (3). I’ve been a loyal Mary Kay girl since I was 16.

I use the same pencil that I fill in my brows with to add some eyeliner, because it’s annoying to get a whole new brush for that. I add a little blush on my cheeks- if I’m feeling real snazzy I’ll use some lipstick or lipgloss for that. But normally I use my good old Covergirl blush (4) that’s been kicking for three years now. That’s all I really do in the morning. Oh, I also love throwing some Aussie Total Miracle Dry Shampoo (5) in my hair because I don’t love washing my hair everyday. It’s amazing and smells really good.

busy moms beauty routine

Nolle: I’m at least an hour and a half. And that’s just showering and hair, not even including makeup. Lately I’ve been jazzed about this Sunday Riley face wash (1). It’s a hydraulic cream. I use it with my Clarisonic (2), everyone should be using one when they’re over 40. It helps with the dullness, wrinkles, and makes your face feel more bright.

Then I put my Sunday Riley hydraulic cream (4) on with a couple drops of a booster serum that takes away the puffiness in my face. After that, depending on what my face looks like, I might use Retin-A (5). I think you need to use that everyday, preferably at night. I let that soak into my face for a bit.

I am a big advocate for primers on your face. Everyone has been saying I’m looking brighter and younger, and the secret is the Trish McEvoy primer (6). It’s my favorite one. After letting that soak in, I put on my foundation with a sponge. A sponge (3) makes the foundation go on so much better than brushes especially with wrinkles. I’m not a fan of using my fingers, because when you do, oil and dirt get on your face causing breakouts.

Then I bounce over to the brows and the mascara. I am picky about all of those. I also love contouring with a contour kit (7), the ones that have three eyeshadows, a couple contours, a little bit of bronzer and blush. I recently tried one I really love from It Cosmetics. If you’re looking for a palette that’s pretty inexpensive, it’s an all-in-one product that you can take on the go so you don’t have to pack a ton of make-up.

busy moms beauty routine

Botox: We have to be real here and confess that we are advocates to preventative maintenance when it comes to wrinkles. Which might mean botox, and maybe fillers. To be honest, we really love botox. The moment Amanda got it, her whole face immediately looked amazing as she thought “woah, I look really good!!” It’s a good thing, don’t be afraid to try it because you might love it.

Brows: We can’t emphasize this enough. Brows frame your face. If you do nothing else, put your brows on, add a little mascara and then lipgloss. That is really the most important thing! If you’re doing a nice skin care regimen using a Clarisonic to prep your face keeping it nice and fresh to look bright and awake, those three things are all you need.

If you don’t have your eyebrows done, pencil them in everyday. Or even get them microbladed. It’s a new thing that Amanda actually tried and loved. If you are afraid of the tattooing, microblading is perfect because it is a little bit more on the surface and will fade away eventually. Microblading or even tattooing your brows look very natural but you will wake up with a nice framed face, making you feel like a million bucks because you are taking care of your skin.


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