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Base Layering Tops For Womens Modest Fashion

We are SO excited to tell you about our four new products we are releasing this summer! Modest Base Layering Tops are essential for all wardrobes. We have been talking about selling these products for forever, people have been emailing us constantly begging for these products, and we are so happy to tell you that they are coming! Let's dive right into the four new styles we’re going to sell...

Modest base layering shirts for women


Now who doesn’t want a cami that is a HALF shirt?! Sometimes with your low-cut shirts or button downs you just want a tiny bit of coverage or pop of color without the extra sleeves. These will be coming in nude and white. This one is Noelle’s favorite new style! P.s. The CAMI has already launched--find it HERE!

modest base layering tops for women


Nude has been requested so much lately in the Boyfriend Style. If you’re new to Halftee you may ask why nude? When launching the nude on the Shopping Channels we found that we were putting nude under so much. With most women’s skin tones, the color just disappears. For the nude, we find that some of our ladies just want a little bit of coverage on the arms and want their undershirt to blend nicely. It’s got a flat hem so it will look perfect under casual shirts and the classiest of dresses! You’re going to love this one.

modest layering shirts for women

modesty and fashion


We have attached a Halftee to a slip to create the most effective slip you’ve ever seen. This will be PERFECT for all of those dresses and even the skirts you wear with tops that need something under them. This is going to come in a TANK, BASIC, and BOYFRIEND style. We are going to offer them in an ivory/cream color, black, and nude. There’s a million maxi dresses that are just a little sheer, low cute, and needs a little something underneath. But who wants to wear a Halftee AND a slip? It makes so much more sense to eliminate the fluff and streamline the whole look. Another cool feature is that it will have lace at the bottom of the slip, so it will also serve as a cute little slip extender if you need a little extra length in your dresses.  

crop tops for layering and modesty


This one is Amanda’s favorite new style! Similar to the fit of the Basic Halftee, the elegant fabric is perfect if you are going for a more elegant and sophisticated look. This will be great to go under those nicer dresses, the weddings, the maxi dresses a little nicer than the ones made out of cotton--the options are endless. It is because of our amazing customers who have kept asking for something like this for years that we have finally created it. This shirt is a game-changer for Halfee! We worked so hard trying to source and create the ideal elegant fabric. We know you are going to love it! It is going to come in an ivory, nude, black, and dusty rose. This will be great for every blouse, every shirt, and every dress. It is just smooth, silky, with a little bit of sheen. It will have a nicer edge to the neckline that will look a little prettier and formal than the others.

These new styles are going to be so fun and expand your wardrobe even more than Halftees already have! Keep your eyes out for these to launch this summer sometime in August!

conservative layering shirts and tops


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