Easy as 1... 2... 3... - HALFTEE Layering Fashions

Easy as 1... 2... 3...

Do you ever feel like layering comfortably is the most difficult task in all the land? We stare, aimlessly into our closets for what seems like hours (errr minutes too long), just to find that we ended up having to throw that tank top on under our blouse to give us the modest coverage up top for "the girls" in an effort to keep them from poppin out, but now we're stuck with all this bulky-ness underneath, we're trying to tuck it into our slacks along with the blouse and it's just taking a quick nose dive to the fashion 'don'ts' quickly, not to mention we're now cooking, literally. 

So when I discovered Halftee, I was ecstatic. Whaaaaaat!? A half shirt that fits comfortably under my "girls" and doesn't ride up, how could this be? But wait, hold on, I also don't have any added bulk under my blouse and I'm finally not sweating from head to toe in the hot summer months with one more un-necessary layer. Booyahhh! It's the absolute perfect solution to every wardrobe need. Best part my friends, the very same Halftee I use in the summer months, extends into my winter wardrobe as well. 

Styling doesn't need to be a bore anymore, save money, save time (aimlessly staring into your closet searching for a solution), just grab your favorite Halftee, style and go. Easy as 1, 2, 3... you're set! 



(Designer at Halftee)


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