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Forward in Years AND Fashion! How to stay trendy and age appropriate.

As the saying goes, age is only a number, and there's nowhere that's more true than when it comes to style. While many of us were once taught that top tier design sensibilities were reserved for women under "a certain age", nowadays, fashion for women over 50 is more chic, sophisticated, and fun than ever—just look at show stopping 50+ fashionistas like Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Julia Roberts. If you're feeling the urge for a little inspiration for looking your best, we've gotten tips from stylists who have helped craft looks for the likes of Oprah and Christie Brinkley to show you the best ways to flaunt your assets at every age.

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Start with the staples!!!

Opt for daintier jewelry

"A lot of women tend to wear big statement necklaces. It can make an outfit pop in the wrong way. It’s chicer to err on the side of minimalism." —Andrew Gelwicks



Get yourself a good bag.

"Accessories are fun! While they are of course functional, they can be transformational for your outfit. A lot of designers are playing around with bag sizes—oversized, super tiny. A woman carrying a 'power' bag demands attention." —Andrew Gelwicks



Make sure you're wearing the right bra size.

"More than anything, it’s really important to have your bra properly fitted. That's a staple every woman should have in her closet and she should be fitted for it rather than just going to the store and guessing her size." —Paul Cavaco





Don't be afraid of color

At Halftee we believe that color can be used to both “pop” and “blend in” Wearing bold colors can help you make a statement and by adding a pop of color to a more reserved outfit we can make a quieter statement! You choose! Halftee carries most of our styles in many color choices for you to say just what you want to say!




Buy a white button down

A crisp white button down is the perfect piece every woman should have. It looks polished but can be worn running errands, and it can go from day to night. It's a hero piece." —Negar Ali Kline And Halftee just added a crisp white button down to our line—now you can have the look without the bulk! 


Find the right jeans

"Dark denim is more polished whereas a light denim reads a bit more casual. In a professional setting, dark denim is a safe choice but more important than the wash of the denim is the fit." —Negar Ali Kline





Wearing a skirt? Mind your knees

."I think that after a certain age your skirt should really be at or below the knee, no matter how beautiful your legs are. It looks more appropriate and it doesn’t look like you’re trying to look young." —Paul Cavaco





Don't let anybody tell you not to take risks

"While women at fifty know who they are and are authentic to their style, I think there’s no reason why they can’t be a little daring and try something new. Whether that be a print or a new color, I don’t think there should be limitations." —Negar Ali Kline




Mix it up

"Carolina Herrera wears a white button down with a ball gown skirt and it’s so chic. It’s sort of unexpected to pair those two items together but it works really well." —Negar Ali Kline



One of my favorite things about having Halftee in my wardrobe is the “ability to mix it up” to my heart’s content. Different colors, different sleeve lengths, different silhouettes –I can make the same dress look like 10 different dresses—all with Halftee!



Don't be afraid of prints and use textures to guide the attention

"I wish older women would wear more colors, prints, and designs. I think a lot of women feel like they kind of have to disappear or turn down their look, but that's not true." —Andrew Gelwicks




Halftee has options with prints and textures so if you feel a need to ease into prints and texture Halftee has you covered. We have lace, mesh, florals and stripes that can elevate and add dimension to any look! 



Good hair can make all the difference

"You want to keep yourself looking current and having a great hair cut and color makes a big difference." —Paul Cavaco Nothing makes me feel better than having “fresh” hair. It gives a confidence that is without compare! I remember hearing once that if you have good hair it does not matter what you are wearing!




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