Yay! This Is Absolutely the Best 10th Birthday Ever! - HALFTEE Layering Fashions

Yay! This Is Absolutely the Best 10th Birthday Ever!

They say you can trust a business that makes it successfully past 7 years. Well, we’ve made it 10!

October 2009, Halftee began its journey!

Halftee was created because “I was personally tired of wearing two shirts to wear the one I really wanted to wear. I needed an alternative to the bulky and hot layering shirts, something that covered what I needed to cover... I needed a sleeve and I wanted coverage for the "sisters." As I began to think about chopping off all my full length [shirts], I started to notice how many women layered, and that all they really needed was a sleeve and modest coverage for their cleavage.

Another aspect was pregnancy and nursing (which I was also doing!). Each of the situations is a lot more comfortable with less bulk and heat, so I was solving problems for women in all stages of life, and I loved that!” - Amanda Barker (Founder/CEO)

We at Halftee LOVE our jobs!

“I am constantly inspired by not only Halftee, and the incredible company it has become- but by the thoughtful way we convey to women, the idea of living "free" in your skin and being happy within it, finding pieces that express your personality and help you feel comfortable wearing the clothing you might normally overlook, and also in the lovely women I get to surround myself within this brand. Our team is so diverse yet, so unified in the way we support each other, our individuality and our unique talents and how we come together to brainstorm, inspire and create a powerhouse of women all over the world, starting within our own team. “- Ariana Speirs (Creative Director)

Tami Thompson, our beloved Officer Manager (a very general title for a woman who wears so many hats for us!) started with Halftee as the Nanny for Amanda’s kids… When Amanda was looking for a new office manager, she asked Tami if she knew anyone… Tami thought, “Hey I have experience as an office manager. Why not me?” She has never been the same since her start at Halftee!

“Oh my goodness---my life did a dramatic 360 when I started working with marvelous women who were changing the world with this little tee shirt. It sounds silly, but seriously when you read the testimonials of women whose lives have been enriched by this little tee they never knew they needed you cannot help but feel a sense of pride and joy---there is nothing better than knowing you are helping others. The confidence Halftee brings is very liberating---we respect each other---we build on each other's strengths and we lift when we see weakness to help carry the load. The camaraderie and the synergy of our team is what makes work not feel like work. the relationships we develop with our customers is more like friendship---shared experiences traveling this life together! My teammates are my very dearest friends and I cannot imagine life without them!” -Tami Thompson (Office Manager)

Halftee has done so much for us, and not just as our wardrobes are concerned as Malia Alder (Accounting Manager) can attest to. “I think it is very empowering to work with such creative and motivated women. I don't always feel like those are my strengths, so I find it exciting to see their minds at work! They help me try to push myself a little further and try new things! I hope to be a valuable member of a team, where each plays a role, but learn from and help each other every day.”

Is Halftee what Amanda expected it would be 10 years ago?

“Oh Absolutely. But I want more! Every day I pray that we will continue to grow and to find women that need us. I read through the reviews and marvel that a Halftee can bring so much happiness into our women's lives. Halftee is for every woman, every body, no matter the age or shape and size.” – Amanda Barker

What’s in the future for this amazing company celebrating 10 years in business?

“I LOVE TO LEARN, and I LOVE PEOPLE. Running a business gives me both. I especially love women. I believe women are the soul of humanity, and if I can help women, then I will always have the drive to move forward in business. My goal? Well, that's easy......Halftee’s in EVERY woman’s closet around the world. Helping them solve the everyday problems that happen when we are getting dressed each day and striving for excellence. “- Amanda Barker

Ariana Speirs also agrees, saying, “Being a part of a brand that gets to touch women's lives in multiple ways, fuels my soul and this passion I have to advocate a platform for women to express their inner (and outer) beauty in such a loving, comfortable way has been a dream of mine. I'm grateful for even just the small amount of women I get to help inspire daily to feel free to "be themselves" wholeheartedly. Halftee has helped make that a possibility and I only hope to be able to continue on a long journey with them.”

Alli Fields (Social Media Program Coordinator) wears Halftees every day because, “I grew up well-endowed and it was a constant struggle. From a young age, I was labeled and accused of things because I was busty, and camisoles would stretch and slide looser throughout the day. I was even sat down by the parents of a guy I was dating and was told their son would no longer be allowed to date me because I was ‘too physically mature’ for him.

If Halftee were around when I was in school- I would have avoided so many issues. I would have been more confident and comfortable in my own skin. I am so thankful every day for Halftee. As a mom of young kids, I am constantly bending over to pick the kids up or pick up dropped and thrown objects… None of that is a problem IF I am wearing a Halftee. But if not…. the “girls” slip out of my bra! My goal for Halftee is to provide other women, busty or not, to feel comfortable in their own skin and in everyday tasks!”

We LOVE Halftee and we love you! We do Halftee every day because we want to help you feel more confident and comfortable so you can live your life to the fullest. We are here to help you embrace your modesty, accept each part of you, share your life wisdom with others and accomplish your dreams. You are so much more than the sum of all your parts. You are #whollyme!

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  • Maria Lundskog : October 23, 2019
    I love Halftees help me to dress the way I want without worrying to show too much, the new fabric is the best.

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