Here Is How to Discover Which Halftee Is Best for You


It’s more stress than I need in my already stressful life. Looking back and forth between the options. Which is really me? Which do I like better? Should I get the style I always get? Or, should I branch out and buy something new?

Shopping for the perfect outfit can be stressful at times. Why does there have to be so many options? Well, if you can ever relate, we have a solution for you. Answer these simple six questions, and we will tell you exactly which Halftee is perfect for you.

Or, take the quiz just for fun! I find myself taking silly quizzes like this all the time to see if they are accurate. No, a turtle is not the right spirit animal for me, but yes, Jess from Gilmore Girls could be my soul mate.

So, here’s the real question. Did we get your Halftee right?

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