How to Dress for a Job Interview - HALFTEE Layering Fashions

How to Dress for a Job Interview

Job interviews are stressful enough on their own, you do not need to be worrying about what to wear on top of everything else on the day of your interview. Let’s talk about what is appropriate to wear and not to wear for a job interview, along with some tips on how to decide.

Typically, you want to dress in business casual attire for a job interview.


Most importantly, know in-depth details about the company or person you are about to interview with. This will help you to know how nice you should be dressing for your interview.

However, when in doubt, always dress up. Even if the company allows casual wear at work, you should still dress nicer for the interview. What you wear can and will speak volumes to the interviewer about what they should expect from you as an employee.


Let’s dissect your interview outfit from the top, down.


First, we have hair and makeup. How you do your hair may seem like an unnecessary aspect to consider but it is actually very important. If you are going to put your hair up, make sure it is slick and clean. Avoid messy buns or any styles that will fall out or appear lazy. I would recommend leaving your hair down, curled or slicking it back into a neat bun or ponytail. Pin back any pieces that could fall into your face and cause a distraction. Avoid heavy makeup, go for a simple look. However, I love to do a little makeup at least; it helps you avoid looking tired.


Next is your top. A simple blouse is best. Stick to neutral colors and simple designs. Tops should be modest or full coverage for business attire, no tanks. Our halftees are great to help with this, especially the puff sleeve or bell sleeve! If you are looking for a more formal look, consider adding a blazer.
















For bottoms, skirt or slacks will pair well with the blouse. You do not want the skirt or slacks to be too tight. The skirt should hit close to the knees at a minimum. You do not want to be worrying about pulling your skirt down or adjusting it because it is too short.



Next is shoes. Heels or flats are typical. However, with either one, make sure they are closed-toed. Closed-toed shoes look more professional. An example of a business-style shoe would be a pointed toe heel. Avoid heels that are too high! A fancier sneaker could work but do not wear running shoes, or any of the trendy lifestyle shoes such as air forces. Steve Madden has a variety of options!! For cheaper options I would suggest DSW, Off Broadway, Target, or Nordstrom Rack. 



Accessories are not necessary, but they can be a nice touch. Stick to dainty jewelry that is not too flashy. It should not be a distraction for you or your interviewer. One tip I would give is that if you are someone who fidgets or plays with your jewelry, then leave it off. You do not want to appear nervous or distracted!


Your outfit can make or break your interview. But with this in mind, don’t stress. The tips I have listed will help you easily put together a professional, business casual fit. Good luck ladies, I know you will rock your interview!!


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