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5 Tips to Dressing Modestly in the Summer Heat!

It is that time of year again! The sun is shining bright, and it is time for outdoor activities. But with this exciting time of year comes the heat. Everyone wants to participate in the new summer clothing trends, but these trends can be hard to follow while also dressing modestly. Here are some tips that I have found help with the complication of dressing for the summer while simultaneously dressing modestly. Most people’s number one tip would be to avoid layering at all costs. However, I know this isn’t always possible, hence the Halftee.

Halftees allow you to layer in the summer while eliminating the extra heat that usually accompanies layering. The cute tank halftees and short sleeve halftees are my go-to’s for summer layering. I wear my halftees with everything, even in the summer!!

TIP #1

One more option for layering is a lightweight button down. Button downs can be worn a variety of ways. Button your shirt and tie it up in a knot or let it hang loose, unbuttoned, with a simple tee underneath. The perfect thing about an unbuttoned layer is that it allows for air flow to minimize heat. Halftees and button-downs style adorably with sundresses, tanks, and more.

TIP #2

My second tip is to be conscious of what fabrics you are wearing. Fabrics can make a huge difference when in the summer heat. It is vital to make sure you wear lightweight fabrics that allow airflow. These include but are not limited to cotton, silk, and linen. These are very breathable fabrics that are perfect for summer. Replacing jean material pants for linen or other material pants is a lifesaver. Finding substitutes for denim and heavier fabrics seems simple, but I’ve found it makes a tremendous difference.


 Flowy clothes!! There are so many different clothing options that are flowy and allow a breeze. Flowy skirts, shirts, and dresses are a solution to dressing modestly in summer. My personal fav is dresses. Dresses are darling for the summer and are on trend for 2022 especially.

TIP #4

When going for a more athletic look or a comfy feel it is easy to turn to leggings. They are simple and comfy. The best substitution for this in the summer is biker shorts! Biker shorts are just short leggings. They give you the comfort and the athletic look but with less length. This minute difference can be major for avoiding extra heat. The bonus is… biker shorts are trending right now! Pair them with an oversized t-shirt and a cute pair of sneakers for a great summer fit.


TIP #5

And finally, color choices are key. Summer colors are bright and fun. What is perfect about this is that light colored clothing is essential in eliminating heat. We all know black can be slimming and very tempting but take that leap of faith and dress with whites, and light colors for the summer. I always love a bright pink or green for the summer. Check out our new summer hibiscus colored halftee! These lighter colors won’t absorb as much sun and allow you to be more comfortable and modest in the heat.

I know it seems hard, but don’t give up girls!! There are plenty of ways you can dress modestly in the summer while still following the trends and creating stylish outfits. If I can do it, so can you!!


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