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Tips to styling a Pear Shaped beauty!

Let’s talk about the pear body shape! Not sure if you have a pear body shape? Take our quiz to help you figure out your body shape. Educating yourself on how to dress for your body type is a priceless skill! Picking out women's clothing catered to your body shape will help you feel confident and comfortable, and isn’t that what every woman wants (and deserves)?

What is a pear body shape?

You have a pear body shape if you have a defined waist, and your thighs and hips are wider than your shoulders and bust. 

It’s essential to keep in mind that body shapes are based on your bone structure and not based on body weight. Celebrities that resemble a pear-shaped body include Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Rihanna. The pear body shape is the most common body shape for women, limiting shopping options.

Here are four style tips that you should follow in general when dressing your body:

  •       Wear dark colors on the bottom half of your body

  •       Wear tops with statement sleeves

  •       Wear statement jewelry on the upper half of your body

  •       Avoid details, patterns, and pockets on your thigh and hip area

Clothing Items to Consider


Let’s talk Jeans! There are so many styles to choose from; it can feel overwhelming trying to decide which pair you should buy. For women with a pear body, balance is critical. Try adding volume to the bottom of your jeans, or accentuate your defined waist by wearing high-waisted jeans.

The jeans you should keep an eye out for when shopping include:

  •       Bootcut jeans

  •       Straight leg jeans

  •       Flare jeans

  •       Wide leg jeans

  •       High waisted jeans

  •       Jeans with larger back pocket



You will want to avoid skinny jeans or embellishments around the hips, as they may add unwanted emphasis. If you notice that your jeans fit perfectly in the hip/thigh area, but there is a gap in the waist area, try checking for stores that sell “curvy” jeans styles to allow for your hip-to-waist proportions.



Finding the perfect top is crucial for the pear body because this is where you can add volume to your shoulders to balance out your hips. With tops, you need to know what the best necklines, sleeves, and lengths of the top are.

First, let’s talk about necklines! Necklines should be wide to add volume and draw the eye upward. Again, our focus here is balance, and focusing on your neckline has the potential to work wonders.

Neckline styles that will flatter you and add volume to your upper half include:

  •       Off the shoulder

  •       Square neck

  •       Boat neck

  •       Turtleneck

Second, sleeves! For short sleeve shirts, choose tops with wide sleeves or details. Look for options that taper at the end to avoid adding volume around your hips for long sleeve shirts.

The sleeves you should look for when shopping include:

  •       Puff sleeves

  •       Cap sleeves

  •       Flutter sleeves

  •       Bell sleeves

  •       Batwing sleeves

  •       Tapered sleeves (for long sleeve tops)


Third, the length of your top! Most of your curves are located around your hips and thighs. Because there is already volume here, you will want to avoid having the end of your shirt right at your hips to prevent more volume from being added to your hips. You will want most of your shirts to end at your natural waist.

The tops you should look for include:

  •       Cropped shirts

  •       Wrap bust shirts

  •       Fitted shirts to accentuate the waist




No matter where you live, you will want at least one sweater for the winter season, especially around fall and winter! Look for sweaters that end right above your hips to prevent unwanted volume. Chunky or loose sweaters are a must for you because they will add volume to the upper half of your body. Additionally, if you want a fun look, you can wear an open cardigan that ends mid-thigh. You can pair this open cardigan with a tighter-fitting shirt underneath.

Some sweaters you should look for when shopping include:

  •       Chunky sweaters

  •       Loose sweaters

  •       Long open cardigan (ends mid-thigh)




Finding the perfect dress that you feel beautiful in is critical! Keeping a good variety of styles on hand will ensure that you always have something cute and easy to throw on for the day. Dresses should draw attention to your waist and have a wider shape at the bottom to balance out your hips. 

Some dresses you should look for when shopping include:

  •       A-line dress

  •       Wrap dress

  •       Empire dress

  •       Tulip dress


My favorite way to add coverage to my tank top dresses is to wear one of the cute halftees underneath my dress!




As soon as the sun goes down, the temperature drops significantly, and I am always reaching for my jacket. Finding the right coat for you will keep you warm at night, but it will help you feel confident and beautiful! 

Like shirts, coats should add volume to your bust and shoulder area. Avoid coats that end at your hips. Either choose a coat that accentuates your waist or choose a coat that hits mid-thigh to elongate your body.

Some coats you should look for when shopping include:

  •       Cropped denim

  •       Cropped bomber

  •       Trench coat

  •       Empire line

  •       Wrap coat

  •       Princess coat

  •       A-line coat


Jumpsuits are a fun option to add to your wardrobe to mix up your outfit choices. I love to pair a Halftee with my favorite jumpsuit for an easy but fun look! The rules with jumpsuits are similar to jeans and should have a straight or flared leg style.

Some jumpsuits you should look for when shopping include:

  •       Asymmetrical jumpsuits

  •       Wide leg jumpsuits

  •       Strapless jumpsuits


Shorts are essential for hot summer days. Shorts should skim over the wider hip area without adding volume. Look for simple, high-waisted shorts. Look for knee-length shorts to elongate your legs. Stay away from super skinny shorts as they have the potential to provide unwanted discomfort.

Some shorts you should look for when shopping include:

  •       High waisted shorts

  •       High rise flare leg shorts

  •       Knee length shorts


Skirts are the perfect way to dress up any outfit. You can go from casual to formal by swapping your jeans for a skirt. Choose skirts that are fitted and flared. You’ll want to avoid cuts that are too tight around your hips so that you don’t add any unwanted volume to your hips. Skirts should be between mid-to-high waisted and between knee-length and mid-calf length.

Some skirts you should look for when shopping include:

  •       Full skirts

  •       A-line skirts

  •       Paneled skirts

  •       Lightly gathered skirts


Shoes can make or break your outfit. You can have a perfect outfit on top, but it’s easy to feel discouraged about your whole ensemble if your shoes do not fit the look. Of course, it will depend on where you are going, but you generally want to choose shoes that elongate your legs. Avoid shoes with straps around the ankle bone because this will break up the long leg line.

Some shoes that you should look for when shopping include:

  •       Pointed toe shoes

  •       Square toe shoes

  •       Medium-to-chunky heels

  •       Platform shoes

  •       Wedge heels

  •       Long boots

  •       Sandals (as long as the straps are below the ankle)


You’re never fully dressed without a smile. Or accessories. 

Jewelry such as drop earrings and statement necklaces are a great way to draw the eye upwards towards your face, shoulders, and neckline. To accentuate your slim waist, wear a belt at your waistline. Avoid wearing belts right on your hips.

Some accessories that you should look for when shopping include:

  •       Drop earrings

  •       Statement necklaces

  •       belts

Halftee: The Perfect Wardrobe Essential

Remember that your body is beautiful, and these tips are just to help you feel more confident and comfortable in dressing your body shape! Here at Halftee, we believe that every woman deserves clothing that helps them feel amazing in their own skin. Snag one of our halftees to complete your collection of wardrobe essentials!

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Here are some outfit ideas that you can replicate or change up depending on the clothes you already have!

The first outfit is a casual look for everyday events! Pear a white long sleeve sweater with a black sleeveless turtleneck. Wear black high-waisted slim boot cut jeans on the bottom and style them with a pair of fun black converse!


The second outfit is when you need to dress up for something unique. Pair a long sleeve crew neck halftee with an A-line dress that hits mid-calf length. A pair of nude high heels and a small red purse will pair perfectly with this dress. This look is the perfect way to show you are ready to conquer the day!



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