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Embrace Teen Style like Zendaya Herself with this Halftee Style Guide

Teenagers never cease to surprise me— usually in a good way. I regularly find my jaw dropping when I see the amazing things they do. Their leadership abilities? Inclusive. Empathetic. Innovative. Their science and math skills? Mind-blowing. Unprecedented. Progressive. Their art? Amazing. Detailed. Meaningful. I love teens. I love it when they succeed. I love their wit, their adventuring nature, and their style. 

As a teenager, I didn’t really know what my style was, but I knew how I wanted to express myself. When I was in junior high, I liked to feel colorful and fun. Later, when I was in high school, I liked to feel put-together and approachable. What I realize now is that I feel most comfortable in my own two shoes when I’m dressed true to my personality. That’s the heart and soul of style: reflecting on the outside who you are on the inside. Zendaya is the queen of this; she's practical, fun, and ready for action, and she dresses like it! Have you ever noticed how she slides into just about every event she can in her low-bottom white sneakers? Just google "Zendaya white sneakers." You'll see what I mean.

Finding style as a teen has a lot to do with understanding how you want to express yourself. What do you want your style to say about you? There are so many things you can say about yourself; for example, are you sporty and adventurous? Feminine and friendly? Sophisticated and smart? Down to earth and open-minded? I could go on and on. Choose a few words to describe your personality and style with those concepts in mind.

As a teen, I equated style with trending items like the newest iPhone, velvet, graphic tees, and those knit floral dresses everyone had. But style really isn’t always what’s popular. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some sweet trends out there, but more importantly, your style should make you feel comfortable being you. If I would’ve embraced that truth sooner on, I could have felt a lot more confident in expressing my style, especially as a teen. 

Think about your personality and dress to match. Try out new things.  You are a limited edition. Let that shine.  

P.S. Here are some personality traits I associate with these styles of Halftees! Which best fits your personality? 

The black mesh Halftee. Sophisticated, punctual, high class, and hardcore.

The Criss-Cross Strappy Halftee. Athletic, adventurous, youthful, fun, energetic. 

The Turtle Neck Tank Halftee. Wise, put together, studious, timeless. 

The Ribbed Sleeve Halftee. Causal, open, flexible, feminine. 

The Peekaboo Halftee. Nurturing, feminine, soft, charming. 


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