How to Make Styling as a Teacher Super Easy - HALFTEE Layering Fashions

How to Make Styling as a Teacher Super Easy

Back to school details have been announced, teachers are preparing for the hard year ahead, parents are panicking, and kids can’t wait. No matter your feelings about the mandates your state is making for the upcoming 20-21 school year, one thing is for sure… teachers have a lot of work to do. But their prep work doesn’t just include lesson plans, making online video lessons, or setting up their classrooms. Many female teachers are also preparing for the school year by determining what outfits will work. And, it’s not as easy as you may think.

I spoke to a few teachers who had quite a bit to say about the struggles of finding work clothes. They need appropriate styles, coverage, lengths, function, professionalism, and comfort when dressing.

Then there’s a difference when you start working with older kids. There are new challenges to face like hormones, personal morals developing and overly active imaginations...


So now that we’ve addressed the issues these teachers have, how do they solve them? Mrs. Miner says she wears a full-length layering tee because she also struggles with pants slipping. Plus, she wants to cover her back and backside while she bends and sits with her students. Mrs. Area only buys items she doesn’t need to fix or fuss with. When I dug a little deeper with a few of the teachers I learned that they frequently put clothing items back when shopping. Or, they never get to wear them because if they bend over something might spill out or be too visible for comfort.

Mrs. Smith went on to explain:
I have a hard time finding dresses and tops that cover my bra UNDER my arms. I must lift my arms a lot with my subject and I hate worrying about showing my entire armpit and part of my bra. Things often shift around as well when I am choreographing dances. So, I try to buy excessively long tops, so my tummy and butt stay covered when I am teaching or building sets. I have a very hourglass figure with a chest, but I am petite in the shoulders. So, I usually put back deep v-neck, boatneck, or scoop neck shirts because I don’t want to bend over or lean to the side and expose my bra straps. I also HATE that all tops are see-through. I don’t want to wear three layers all the time just to feel covered. Especially in warmer months. The poor 12 to 15-year-olds that I teach (all genders) are just beginning to notice bodies and hormones. So, even a simple bra-strap flash can distract them from what we are supposed to be focusing on.


Mrs. Martin, Hodges, and Smith found Halftee and LOVE the ease and comfort they have when they wear them. It has changed the way they shop for clothes. There is now a sense of relief knowing they can set their Halftee in place when they get ready, then forget about it. No more pulling, tucking, putting their hands on their chest when they bend or worrying that they are wearing something too “sexy." With a Halftee, they can be comfortable, covered, and professional.

When looking for a back to school gift for your child’s teacher, consider a Halftee or a Halftee Gift Card. Cut one more thing they have to worry about this year and get the female teachers in your life a Halftee!


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