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3 Easy Ways to Style With Scrubs

Working as a nurse, dental assistant, veterinary technician, or any other of the many jobs that require scrubs, the last thing you need to be worrying about is how you look. Every day on the job you are busy caring for others. So, dressing for the job has got to be simple and practical! Here are 3 simple tips for styling with scrubs:

1. Wear Scrubs That Make You Feel Great

When it comes to what type of scrubs to wear, just whatever is most comfortable and makes you feel good! But when clothes fit well and are flattering, that is when they are the most comfortable. Scrubs are no different. Here is how to find out what is best for your body type:


2. Wear Matching Scrub Colors

I don’t know about you, but I’m horrible at matching colors. Then, I find myself wearing the same colors over and over. So, here’s a color matching guide!

3. Add a Little Personal Touch to Your Uniform

If your work allows you to personalize your scrubs, then go for it! Don’t be afraid to show a little personality. Maybe add a small necklace, a fun pattern on your scrubs, or have your name embroidered on your scrubs.


One of the easiest ways to add some style to your scrubs is by adding a Halftee. The great thing about a Halftee is that you don’t have to worry about adding extra bulk because they are a layering piece that only covers from the bust up. The different sleeve lengths of Halftees allows for extra coverage with different style options so you can find one that fits your personality.

No matter how you style your scrubs, what you do in them is what makes a difference. Here at Halftee, we want to give a huge thank you to all the amazing medical workers for everything they do! As a thank you, we want to give you a special 10% discount on your next Halftee order. Simply send in a picture of your badge to support@halftee.com and we will send your promo code. You women are simply amazing!


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