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This Is the Secret to Wearing Style as a Mom

When you have kids, particularly young ones, getting dressed often feels like a moot point. Murphy’s Law ensures you will get spilled or puked on, and likely be used as a tissue multiple times during the day. While the changes our bodies have gone through as moms can also make getting dressed super difficult…

It’s human nature to be our worst critics and we all seem to find faults when we look in the mirror. Especially when there many drastic differences from our prenatal body. While I struggle to accept my body the way it is, there are things I LOVE about it. My waist, my eyes, my forearms and calves, my dainty feet and lips.

The parts of my body I like are not hard to dress, but my least favorite parts are another story… So, as a mom, how can I stylishly dress for the adventures in motherhood and still feel cute? Here is the best solution that I have found.


It's a lot harder for me to cover my cleavage because mine is high, like above my collarbone high. Traditional tanks tops don’t cover enough for comfort. When nursing, my kids would frequently shove their hands down my shirt. This would expose the “girls” and shows off my bra, ESPECIALLY if I was wearing a scoop neck top. Also, my breasts have deflated after years of nursing, they don’t really stay in their assigned seat when I bend over. They like to freely “walk about the cabin” (aka. move around inside my bra).

Wardrobe Solution

My life DRASTICALLY changed after discovering Halftee. Traditional undershirts never kept their promises of coverage and protection. I found I was constantly tugging and tucking. With Halftee’s two-inch signature band, it stays in place throughout the day.

Now, I NEVER go a day without wearing a Halftee. I even wear one if my shirt has a high neckline because, remember, my “girls” like to “wander the cabin.” Wearing a Halftee is like a childproof seat belt. No matter how often I bend over or how many baby hands get shoved down my shirt, my Halftee keeps the “girls” seated.


Halftees longer sleeve lengths help slim my arms. I used to feel self-conscious about the skin around my arms and how it would move as I was darting after my cheetah speed children. Now, since Halftees hold my arms in place, it’s one less thing that I need to worry about during my busy day.

Outfit Flair!

As moms, the keywords for clothing are fast, easy, and washable. Before Halftee it was hard to stylishly dress when your outfits become napkins for your kids. Halftees allow me to add style to my elastic-waisted jeans and t-shirts. This helps me to feel pretty while still being able to easily and comfortably function as a mom. Halftee makes my wardrobe LIFE PROOF.

Your post-baby body needs just as much love as your prenatal body!

My pre-baby body is a thing of the distant past! Sure, I’ve tried to get my body back, but it will never be the same. Which makes it hard and frankly, gut-wrenching to dress in more than sweats and leggings.

But I’m learning to wear my new body as a medal of honor. I grew several tiny humans within my body. I was stretched and distorted from the inside out. I grew and cared for several miracles. Scientifically, my body is amazing for creating life. When I feel down about my body, I try to remember the battle it endured and won.

As moms, we deserve to be proud of our new curves and stretch marks. WE EARNED those marks and that only makes us more beautiful. In a world where I am made to feel self-conscious about the changes motherhood has made on my body, I can find love and dress with style.


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