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How to Use Halftees to Style for the Holidays

With the holidays quickly approaching I know all you ladies are trying to find the perfect looks for all your holiday parties! This year I wanted to give you a few looks that you can use as inspiration and different ways to style all your halftees this holiday season. Halftees are the perfect addition to any night out, and add that extra pop of color and coverage that you want to stay warm during these winter months in the most stylish way.


1. Slip Dresses

Slip dresses are the perfect dress for a Christmas look this year. 1. they are super comfy, and 2. they are so easy to dress them up or dress them down! There are so many ways you can do this. One of the main ways to dress up a slip dress is to throw on a pair of heels and one of our Halftees. The perfect Halftee to pair with a slip dress is our new waterfall sleeve! Our waterfall sleeve comes in 3 different colors black, cream, and floral. The waterfall sleeve adds a perfect pop of color and a fun sleeve! Another great way to dress up a slip dress is to pair it with our bell sleeve lace halftee! This bell lace sleeve comes in 3 different colors black, white, and cream.

2. Black Dresses

New years eve is quickly approaching and so is that new years party you were invited to. Time is winding down to pick out an outfit but we have the perfect idea for you! Wear your favorite black dress!! No need to stress if it is sheer, pair it with our basic nude halftee!! Our basic nude halftee is the perfect color of nude that you can barely even notice under your favorite sheer dress, but gives you a perfect amount of coverage. We also have boyfriend Sliptees that you can pair under your sheer dresses as well. This gives you the perfect coverage that you're looking for without the stress of finding a slip dress that can go under your favorite sheer dress.

3. Shimmery clothes

Another easy New Year's outfit idea for you! Glitter and shimmer is your best friend when it comes to New Years! Anything you have in your closet that is shimmery or glitter will be perfect for New Years! We paired it with our black mesh long sleeve halftee! This is the perfect halftee to add a little bit of edginess to your look as well as the extra coverage that you might need with a strappy dress or a strappy jumper! Then throw on a pair of your favorite heels and you're ready for New Years!! 




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