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I am Thankful for.....

I LOVE the holidays! I love the time with family. I love the extra reminders to be grateful. In my life I have found that an attitude of gratitude is the best way to stay in tune to God’s plan for you.  I truly hope you all had an incredible Thanksgiving, full of love, joy, warmth and gratitude. To you mothers who slaved away on the Family Meal or hosted an event, I truly and sincerely hope you were genuinely thanked. To those of you struggling with your mental health, I hope you felt someone’s love and gratitude that you are in their life. I hope you all felt seen. I pray those who struggle with the loss of loved ones, or struggles with all aspects of this holiday- that you felt some joy and peace.



If you missed that gratitude from others- let me take a minute to tell you THANK YOU! I am personally thankful for each of you! It goes beyond business. Of course I am thankful for your support to my business and this product that is a dream of mine. But I am thankful for women with inner beauty and power. You are all such strong women who have overcome many obstacles to be the woman you are. THANK YOU for being true to who you are.



I am also thankful for God, my beautiful family, and this AMAZING country I get to live in. This Holiday Season, particularly this holiday of gratitude, I want to remind you to continue to be thankful. Recognize God’s hand in your life, and be thankful for His gifts. When you have a thankful heart, we allow ourselves to see more beauty and more miracles in our day to day life.




As we open our hearts and recognize those blessings, we are better able to see more than ever before. Even though Thanksgiving is over, I want to extend an invitation to you. I have challenged myself and invite you to join me to be thankful to specific people for their hand in your life. God chooses to bless us and answer our prayers through those in our lives.




Step 1- Pick 10 people

Step 2- Reach out to them

Step 3- Recognize how it makes them feel

Step 4- Look for a blessings


Step 1-

Think of 10 people from your past or present who have made you a better person, helped you through a trial or out of a sticky situation, someone who helped you reach a goal, or become a better person. You may even feel impressed to pray for guidance on who God needs you to share your gratitude with.


Step 2-

Personally reach out to each of the 10 people. In person is best, but if that’s not possible, speak to them (no text or email), and be sure to share with them that you are thankful for them and why. How did what they do impact your life?


Step 3-

Listen to their response, be it an immediate one, or a later acknowledgment of how your words made an impact on them. Allowing someone to feel appreciated can strengthen your gratitude even more, or have a ripple effect of gratitude.


Step 4-

As you bless others lives with gratitude, God will bless your grateful heart. The blessing may be in the response as you listen, or it may be unrelated. Share your gratitude with as many people as you can.




This is my challenge and invitation to you this season. I’m a huge advocated of gratitude journals, and celebrating the good and bad. We learn from the bad, and we get to celebrate when we excel! In a season we tend to forget about others and think a lot about ourselves, remember to be thankful and have an attitude of gratitude. Be more giving this year, and give as much of your heart as you can. We need more heart, joy, love and gratitude in the world. I hope you join me, and I look forward to hearing any stories you want to share about how your gratitude challenge goes.


In the Spirit of Thanksgiving and the Giving Season, I am grateful for you. What are you grateful for?


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