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3 Reasons to Dress Modestly and How to Achieve Fashionably Modest Looks!

How does one dress modestly in today's fashions? From movies, magazines, and politicians, from clothing to language and attitudes, we are faced with the personal dilemma of what modesty is and why it matters to us, or IF it matters to us.


Of course, I personally have my opinion on what modesty means to me, but I am a firm believer that there are different levels of modesty. My level of modesty may be immodest to someone else, and heaven knows I feel there is a lack of modesty in today’s fashion styles and what we promote to our children.


So how can one decide what modesty is and how to live a modest life? Or how to give our children good options while still feeling they are dressing in a fashionably relevant way? 


In most religions, you will hear the request or even requirement to dress modestly. But what does that even mean? Avoiding sexually suggestive 1  clothing choices that are revealing of our feminine figures is often categorized as a good way to dress modestly. The tightness and sheerness of fabric should also be considered. A classy woman leaves things to the imagination. 


I mentioned above that there are different levels of modesty and as human beings we all have different ideas on what modesty is.

For my personal religion, I will always need at least a Basic Cap Sleeve. There are other religions that require an elbow-length sleeve and some that need to be covered wrist to collar like our Long Sleeve Crewneck.


For those without a religious requirement, a tank sleeve may be all they need to cover their bra straps and cleavage. Others may not care to cover their cleavage at all. 



Here at Halftee, like in many areas of the world, we have a diverse group of women working here. We have different body types, different shapes, different styles and different personalities. But we CELEBRATE our diversity and often use it to help us with new style options and designs. If you ask our bustier women what they look for in a Halftee, they'll tell you COVERAGE!


True Coverage. Not that illusion of coverage that comes from all the layering options that slowly start slipping lower and lower. They want to stay covered at the same level all day! That's why we have our 2 inch signature band. To keep it in place. That's why we provide a neckline that is reversible- so that no matter your comfort level, you can add a little more coverage. 



Maybe you only need coverage for work. Whether you have tattoos you are not allowed to show, or sit at a desk to greet people, and don’t want people looking down your shirt all day, but at home you couldn’t care less if the sisters are peeking out.



No matter what your level of modesty is, we all have times we need a little more coverage than the modern fashion designs allow. So a Layering Tee becomes an essential part of our wardrobe needs.


What is a Layering Tee and what is its purpose? 

A Layering tees whole existence is to provide solutions to your wardrobe problems. Maybe your problem is discomfort in showing your cleavage or upper arms. Maybe you like to wear sleeves because you feel it slims out yours arms. You may want a layer for keeping your arms warm and protected under scrubs.


Perhaps you want to add a fashion statement. You want the look of layers, but don’t want all the bulk of layering. Maybe you need to cover your tattoos for work, or you are a breast cancer survivor looking for support and comfort on your chest area…


You need a soft fabric that won’t irritate your sensitive skin from other clothes in your wardrobe…. I could go on and on about the problems we women face when shopping for clothes, but I think you get the gist…


Layering is essential… but it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and bulky. We can get modest coverage without the bulk and heat. We can be positive and uplifting…. Modest in our personalities and our bodies… We can be classy women who rock confidence knowing we are covered how we need and want without feeling overheated and frumpy.


Here’s how….

A good layering tee should have 3 things…..

* Smooth neckline for added coverage

* Soft-stretch fabric

* Versatility

 Check out this quick video for 3 quick modest style tips:

You may wonder if there is such a thing, or you already know our secret… Halftee is all of that. We have your smooth and flat necklines. Get the coverage you want with ALL of our necklines.

We have our

-scoop neck

-crew neck

- V-Neck

-Peek-A-Boo Neck

-mock neck and



You can even wear our scoop neck backward for an added inch of coverage. We have a two-inch signature band at the bottom of EVERY Halftee to keep it in place. You can set it and forget it. Seriously… Look at me jump on my trampoline in a Halftee… it doesn’t move! 


Our fabric is soft and stretchy. It’s breathable! Some women have even enjoyed wearing Halftee to work out in because it's more breathable than other workout tops.


Other women have enjoyed wearing Halftee as a bra- and now we have an option specifically for Halftee as a bra with our Cup Tee! Not only can you wear it as a bra, but it makes an excellent nursing top as well.

A nursing top with WAY more coverage of the sisters than traditional nursing bras and tops. While nursing we need easy access but not full exposure.

To all my nursing mama's out there- how many of you struggle with how revealing all those nursing tops and bras are? It must have been a man who decided we wanted to be spilling out of our tops when we are unevenly engorged and spilling boobs and milk out of our tops.


You will LOVE this Cup Tee and our soon to be released- New Cross Over Halftees. They will provide that easy access while still providing the coverage we want and need.



Oh, and one more thing, Halftee layering tees are versatile. Yup, versatile on so many levels! We have an amazing size run. We offer girlie sizes AND run XS-6X.


Not only are we size-inclusive, but we have so many colors to choose from, different textures, and we have 7 sleeve lengths for you! SEVEN! Check them out:

3/4 and

Modest Fashion is FINALLY becoming a global trend. Check out this article from Elle Magazine on how top fashion designers are designing more modest fashions!


This New York Times article gets behind WHY women prefer more modest clothing! It focuses a good chunk on how religion plays a role, but towards the end you can see that modest fashion is becoming the preferred choice from women in their 20's and 30's too, and it has NOTHING to do with religion. 


 If you are looking for a way to be or stay modest in a world that is less than supportive of your efforts, you need to get yourself a layering tee that is soft, versatile, and has a smooth neckline that covers what you need. You NEED a Halftee.



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