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Let's talk Rectangle Shaped Women and TIPS to style!

Let’s talk about the rectangle body shape! Not sure if you have a rectangle body shape? Take our quiz to help you figure out your body shape. Educating yourself on how to dress for your body type is a priceless skill! Picking out women's clothing catered to your body shape will help you feel confident and comfortable.


What is a rectangle body shape?

If your hips, waist, and shoulders are all about the same width, you have a rectangle body shape. There are little to no curves on your body. Celebrities resemble a rectangle body shape include Kate Middleton, Anne Hathaway, and Natalie Portman.

Four style tips:
Here are four style tips that you should follow in general when dressing your body:

  •       Define your waist with the addition of a belt

  •       Add volume to either your top or bottom half

  •       Wear brighter colors to add interest to your outfit

  •       Avoid shapeless or oversized clothing

Clothing Items to Consider


Finding the correct type of jeans for your body is a must because jeans are a staple in every closet! With a rectangle body shape, you have several options for jean cuts. When looking for jeans, look for options with embellishments around the hips. Make sure your jeans are medium-to-high rise.

The jeans you should keep an eye out for when shopping include:

  •       Skinny

  •       Slim

  •       Straight

  •       Bootcut

  •       Flare


Finding the perfect top is an excellent way for you to add variety and interest to your outfit. With tops, you need to know what the best necklines, sleeves, and styles of the top are.

First, necklines! Necklines should either create curves or accentuate your slender look. To create curves, choose tops with a round neck, such as a scoop or jewel neckline. To accentuate your slim look, choose tops with narrow necklines such as a halter, crew, or turtle neckline.

Neckline styles that you should look for include:

  •       Off the shoulder

  •       Bateau

  •       Sweetheart

  •       Scoop

  •       V-neck

Second, sleeves! Sleeves are the perfect way to add volume and interest to your outfit. Look for sleeves that are embellished to draw attention. Look for loose and wide options such as flared, princess, puff, or flutter sleeves to add volume. Do your best to avoid fitted sleeves.

The sleeves you should look for when shopping include:

  •       Puff

  •       Rolled up

  •       Flutter

  •       Flared

  •       Cuffed


Third, the style of your top! Tops should create shape by adding volume to the shoulder, bust, hip line, and pull in the waist. A great way to pull in at the waist is to add a belt. Tops should end at your hips. Avoid boxy shirts as these will not help add shape to your body.

The tops you should look for include:

  •       Ruffle shirts

  •       Belted shirts

  •       Button-down shirts

  •       Wrap shirts

  •       Pussy bow shirts


Finding the perfect cozy sweater is a must for the winter season! Relaxed fits with detailed curved sweaters are best to soften your squarish silhouette. Have fun playing with bold fabrics and designs. Chunky sweaters and sweaters with stripes and brighter hues spice up your look to help create the illusion of curves on your body. Look for sweaters that end below your hipline to avoid drawing attention to your waist. Avoid tight-fitting or boxy sweaters.  

Some sweaters you should look for when shopping include:

  •       Chunky sweaters

  •       Relaxed fit sweaters

  •       Long curvy embellishment sweaters


Finding the perfect dress that you feel beautiful in is essential! Dresses should be balanced on top and bottom while pulling in at your waist. Look for dresses with high waist definition or style a loose-fitting dress with a dark belt around your waist to pull everything in. Avoid baggy and boxy dresses and styles that flare out too wide at the bottom.

Some dresses you should look for when shopping include:

  •       Shift dress

  •       Princess seams dress

  •       Wrap dress

  •       Empire dress

  •       X-line dress

My favorite way to add coverage to my tank top dresses is to wear one of the cute halftees underneath my dress!


Jackets are a must for when the AC gets turned on a little too high or when the sun goes down in the evening. Finding the right coat for your body type will not only keep you warm, but it will help you feel confident and beautiful! Coats should be belted at the waist to add curve to your shape. Additionally, coats should end below your waist to help add more volume to your hips. Avoid boxy coats and coats that end above your waist.  

Some jackets you should look for when shopping include:

  •       Trench coat

  •       Peacoat 

  •       Belted jacket

  •       Straight jacket

  •       Wrapped coat



Jumpsuits are a fun and easy way to incorporate statement pieces into your wardrobe. I love to pair a Halftee with my favorite jumpsuit for an easy but fun look! Jumpsuits are similar to jeans and should have a straight leg or wide-leg cut. Make sure to look for jumpsuits that have a drawstring at the waist, or add a belt to the waist of your jumpsuit to pull in at your waist. Avoid jumpsuits that are shapeless and boxy.

Some jumpsuits you should look for when shopping include:

  •       Belted jumpsuits

  •       Ruffle jumpsuits

  •       Drawstring jumpsuits

  •       Peplum jumpsuits



Shorts are essential for hot summer days. Just like jeans, shorts should be medium-to-high rise. Because shorts sit right under the hip, it creates the perfect opportunity to add embellishments and create volume. Avoid belted shorts unless they are high-waisted and flared. The high-waisted look is a great way to create curves on your waist.

Some Shorts to look for when shopping include:

  •       Loose shorts

  •       Turn up shorts

  •       Patterned shorts

  •       Bubble shorts

  •       Flared shorts



Skirts create an easy way to dress up your outfit. Skirts with flared hemlines and details help to create volume to your lower half. Choose skirts with ruffles, rouching, gathering, or pleats to add volume. Straight skirts also work as long as you make sure to define your waist! Avoid too full skirts, as this will create an imbalance between the top and bottom of your body.  

Some skirts you should look for when shopping include:

  •       Full skirts

  •       A-line skirts

  •       Bubble skirts

  •       Layered skirts

  •       Pencil skirts (knee length)



Shoes can make or break your outfit. You will want to wear shoes that are round or oval toed to help create curves. Shoes of all varieties work for you as long as they are round or oval toed.

Some shoes that you should look for when shopping include:

  •       Pump heels

  •       Ballerina shoes

  •       Clogs

  •       Flat sandals

  •       Tennis shoes

  •       Boots with straps

  •       Ugg boots

  •       Rounded toe shoes

  •       Oval toe shoes




No outfit is fully complete without accessories! Jewelry such as statement earrings will draw the eye upward to frame your face. Belts are a must for your closet. Adding a belt is the best and easiest way to pull in on your waist. Scarfs are also a great way to add volume to the upper half of your body. Look for infinity scarfs or scarfs that you can wrap around your neck. Don’t forget to add a statement purse to add interest and function to your outfit.

Some accessories that you should look for when shopping include:

  •       Statement purse

  •       Statement earrings

  •       Belt

  •       scarf


Halftee: The Perfect Piece for Every Body Type 

Remember that your body is beautiful, and these tips are just to help you feel more confident and comfortable in dressing your body shape! Here at halftee, we believe that you should be able to feel comfortable and beautiful in whatever you wear. Stock your wardrobe with all of the essentials for your body shape, and don’t forget to snag a halftee, the ultimate layering piece while you’re at it!

Here are some outfit ideas that you can replicate or change up depending on the clothes you already have!

The first outfit is a casual everyday look. Pair a white sleeveless halftee with a blue cardigan. On bottom, wear medium-waisted boyfriend jeans and white Doc Martin boots. To add function and fun to your outfit, pair your clothes with a light blue handbag!


The second outfit is when you need to dress up for a more formal event! Pair a white spaghetti strap halftee with a black wrap dress and black pump heels. For accessories, wear silver statement earrings and add a red clutch purse for a pop of color!


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