Ok. Confession. I started this blog post a couple days ago. And it sat in my docs folder, with the title “Mothers” for two days. Because I didn’t even know where to start.

And honestly, I still don’t. How am I supposed to write a blog post that will do justice and honor to mothers? Let alone a SHORT blog post.

But I’m here now, writing this. So here goes.

For better or worse, most people’s lives have been shaped by their moms. Even if you didn’t have a mom present in your home, I’m sure her absence still had an influence on you.

Some people’s relationships with their moms are great, others are rocky and strained. Either way, I don’t think there’s a relationship dynamic in the history of relationship dynamics that impacts individuals as much as that between them and their moms.

I know that’s true for me. And I’m grateful for it--all the ups and the downs.

For our Mother’s Day LIVE basket giveaway this past week, our CEO sang a song that really resonated with all of us about our moms. I think the lyrics say it better than I ever could. And even if this isn’t how your relationship with your mom is, the concept is still something we can all apply in our lives. On some level.

The song is called “She Put the Music in Me,” and it’s by Calee Reed.

It started with rock-a-bye, comforting when I'd cry

All in her own style

Then popcorn before my eyes, turning frowns upside down

Into smiles

With songs of the birds up high, looking at the blue, blue sky

The wind as it rushes by

Then leading me, guiding me, walking beside me she helped me

To walk in the light

And she built my house on a rock

And she lives all that she taught

And she is all that a woman should be

She put the music in me

I knew He was really there, He heard my child's prayer

Answering from up above

She gave like a little stream, I was her sunbeam

And I felt my Savior's love

I saw her kneel and pray with our family every day

Listening to each whispered word

Gentle in deed and thought, all the things Jesus taught

Following promptings she heard

And she lives to search, ponder, pray

And she gives every day

So her thanks will always be thanks indeed

She put the music in me

He made the tiny wings of each little bird that sings

In the leafy treetops up high

And all creatures great and small, I know God made them all

Because of her sweet lullabies

She's like a star shining bright

And helps me to choose the right

And she gives me the hope of a life yet to be

She put the music in me

She is so good to me

Heavenly Father sent her to me

And she taught me to lift up my voice and sing

She put the music in me

She put the music in me

She put the music in me

XO & Happy Mother’s Day lovelies,



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