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Chocolate Chip Day!

Did you know May 15th is National Chocolate Chip Day? We found out about two weeks ago and were so stoked! What more perfect excuse is there to celebrate chocolate? None. Except MAYBE Valentine's Day. But that's more about love.

National Chocolate Chip Day is arguably better. And we'll tell you why: because all you need to celebrate this day is literally a bag of chocolate chips.


And let us tell yah, a bag of chocolate chips can really make a difference.

Life can sometimes feel like a juggling act: you're center stage in the big tent, wearing a bright, colorful outfit, and you're juggling maybe three bowling pins. Then, as time goes on, you have another five or six thrown into the mix. It keeps going, and pretty soon you're juggling dozens of bowling pins.

And all the while the audience isn't paying you that much attention. Maybe you're doing it for their benefit, but they're not really appreciating it. Or maybe you're doing it for yourself (which is just as great!), but you're starting to forget why you started in the first place or how you got to the point you're at.

Well, people, we're here to say that days like today, like National Chocolate Chip Day, are reminders to stop and smell the roses. Or eat the handful of chocolate chips. If you're juggling dozens of bowling pins, stop, set them down for a moment, and eat some dang chocolate. Take a breath, rest for a beat. The pins aren't going anywhere, and you've got your whole life to juggle them.

Responsibilities are a part of life. And they're important. But burning yourself out trying to keep up with all the duties and to-dos and constantly adding more to your list isn't going to help you.

So maybe make National Chocolate Chip Day a more consistent part of your life. Keep a bag in the freezer and grab some whenever you're feeling it. Or do more yoga, if that's your personal flavor of chocolate chip. Go on a walk. Take a hike (like, actually go on a hike). Read a book. Take a nap.

And celebrate important national holidays. Like this one.




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