SlipTees and Crew Necks - HALFTEE Layering Fashions

SlipTees and Crew Necks

We’re the half shirt solution to women's layering problems. We take women’s undershirts to the next level. Layering tees have never been better thanks to us.

We’re bragging. We know. But we also know for a FACT that our products WORK. They make lives easier and solve problems for every woman and every body. Our undershirts for women are designed by women and marketed by women and talked up by women. We get you. And we want you to see how much easier modest layering can be with Halftees. Beyond that, we want to make sure we’re meeting your needs.

In the spirit of providing you with the fashionable undershirts you deserve, we’re looking to branch out and give you more products that make layering easier.

So get excited. Because we’re releasing a new line of products! Hold onto your horses, folks, it’s gonna be a fun ride.

We’ve given you the half shirts that make layering your shirts and blouses easier. And we’re now pleased to introduce the SlipTee, the layering piece designed to provide you with modest coverage on the top and on the bottom.

Our new SlipTees will be coming at you about a month from now. We’re currently looking at three different sleeve length options (basic/cap, tank, and boyfriend).

AND we’ve got another new Halftee we’re equally excited about: The Crew Neck. Likely coming to you in a boyfriend sleeve.

With these two new product lines getting geared up to enter the market, we’d like to renew our promise to you. Which is this: we will keep creating, brainstorming, and innovating our products to give you what you need and deserve. So watch for our SlipTees and the new Crew Neck Halftee. And other new releases ;).




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