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One Nation, Under God!

I love this country. I believe the United States of America was foreordained to be a light and a shield to the world, charging forward in the truth of Freedom to all men and women, opportunity for all who choose to work hard, and when men/women put God first, all things are possible. I am currently reading a book called, “America’s Choice: A Nation Under God or Without God?.” It has been a great preparation book for celebrating my favorite holiday. It has brought great perspective to why the Constitution is an unwavering document which was written by men’s hands, but God was the author. The Constitution is packed with eternal truths, God’s truths,  that men/women are trying to manipulate. Trying to make  the Constitution “fit” into today's eroding values.


If we want to have God with us, we must strive to keep our core values as a country in check with the Constitution and with God’s commandments.  Eternal truths (God’s commandments) are God’s greatest  gift of love, He knows that when we strive to live His truths we will call the powers of heaven down around us and that with God, we His children can overcome any trial, any prejudice, any inequality, any weakness, any evil, that may try to stifle our progress to return home to live with Him again someday. 



Mr. Callister writes about the foundational cornerstone of our country, THE FAMILY. We must do whatever is in our power to bring back the family and remember it is the most influential component of a successful, stable, God fearing society. Satan is waging war on all fronts of the family, He knows the powerful influence Fathers and Mothers have on their children. Satan knows that if he can corrupt the family, he will have more power as a whole in corrupting a society. Fight for our families. Commit to loving our families regardless of their weakness, our country can only be as strong as the strength found within the walls of our homes. 



I believe as we fight to defend our Constitutional rights, and defend “the family,”  we will be defending and opening doors for the eternal rights ALL of God’s children deserve to have. If we choose to sit back and allow our constitutional freedoms to be taken away from us, the rippling effect will ravish the world. The United States is the protection and the crusader to the world, if we relinquish our God given rights, the world will suffer. As we celebrate our country, this July 4th and the constitutional freedoms we enjoy as blessed American citizens, let each of us commit to defending the eternal truths that were penned 200+ years ago.



Great sacrifices were made long ago and throughout time and are still being made today, to bring this country together, through the intricate words of the Constitution. God’s hands have been and will continue to lead this great country IF we choose Him, and choose to live by His eternal truths.  I pray that God will continue to bless this incredible country and that we will always be ready and willing, to defend the freedoms which we enjoy, so that the many others of our brothers and sisters have a chance to do the same. There is not a doubt in my mind that God is prevailing all around us, I pray for the eyes to see it and the wisdom to act on it!

I love you and God bless the USA.  Happy 4th of July!! 



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