Fashions You'll FALL in Love with This Autumn - HALFTEE Layering Fashions

Fashions You'll FALL in Love with This Autumn

Summer is coming to an end and while that can be sad, there is one thing that gets me excited.


At least at first, fall weather can be pretty unpredictable. It’s not quite time to put all the summer clothes away, but it is time to take out some of those warmer closet essentials. Finding ways to blend these two wardrobes can seem difficult but I am about to give you some easy ways to transition from summer to fall fashion! Fall is the perfect time for layering! Some staple layering pieces in my closet are Halftees (duh), button-downs, turtlenecks, tights and sweaters.


Button-downs are perfect for adding a little warmth. The bonus is they look super cute with summer wardrobe essentials. Pair a tank, or small tee with a button-down and you’ve now turned a summer clothing item into a fall fashion moment. During summer I typically stick to white button-downs, but for fall I love to pull out more colors. My current fav is actually a mustard yellow button-down. It is the perfect color to transition from summer to fall and looks darling with a monochrome outfit.



The same goes for turtlenecks, especially mock turtlenecks which are just a bit lighter for fall. What’s great about mock turtlenecks is that they can come in all different sleeve lengths. I love to pair long sleeve mock turtlenecks with oversized graphic tees. However, if it’s a little too warm for the long sleeve our Sleeveless Turtleneck Halftee pairs great with this look as well. Turtleneck styling is so versatile. I also pair my spaghetti strap dresses with turtlenecks and it gives a chic, but warmer look, and most importantly allows me to keep wearing my summer dresses.



Tights are an easy piece to add to your fall wardrobe. Those skirts and dresses you wear in the summer don’t provide enough warmth in the fall. The easiest way to fix that is throwing a pair of sheer tights underneath which adds style and warmth.



Chunky sweaters are super trendy right now as well. Pair a cute, vintage sweater with your fit for warmth and comfort. I find sweaters are essential for fall because they are cozy.



Color choice is an easy way to switch your summer wardrobe to fall. Summer colors are very bright and fun, but fall colors are super easy to pair together which makes styling so playful. Layering is easier when the colors pair well. My favorite fall colors are beiges and dusty colors. Brown is a must. These neutral colors are perfect for pairing together to add dimension to your look.




The next easy way to transition your summer wardrobe to fall is through shoe choice. Time to bring out the boots! Boots and platform shoes are my fall favorites. A summer outfit’s look can be transitioned to fall by simply pairing a boot with it.



I know not everyone loves when the cold weather is coming back, but use it as an opportunity to layer, play with your style, and find your personal fall fashion; it will make the cold so much more bearable!!


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