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5 Ways to Prepare for Fall

Believe it or not, Summer is almost over… In less than a month kids will be back in school, weather will start to cool down (depending on where you live), and stores will be selling new Fall Fashions, Decorations and even Christmas displays will be set. As much as I love Summer, the holidays, my birthday, the travel, etc…. I LOVE FALL! I am so excited for Halftee’s upcoming Fall launches, our boutique items, our Birthday! Gosh it’s an amazing time! But with the season change, comes some other changes we might want to make as well…

Fall Clean Up

The first thing you wanna do while you have time, and energy is start your cleanup projects… Get your yard ready for fall and winter. Harvest food from your gardens and trees, prep the soil for any fall planting, and start limiting your summer toys… Start putting them away, taking them down etc. Make sure you have the tools for fall that you will need for your yard, like a rake, leaf blower, garbage bags for leaf collecting, etc. But Fall cleanup isn’t only for your yard….



Clean up your closets. Many places around the world have dramatic weather shifts… Autumn means a drop in temperature, shorter days, and sometimes even an early snow… Maybe you aren’t ready to fully swap your wardrobe, but you can start going through boxes. Donate clothes you don’t love any more, items that don’t fit. Throw away broken toys, dishes, electronics, etc. Make sure you aren’t putting away things you won’t use again, or adding things you should have gotten rid of last year. Coming in a blog soon will be organizing tips from a professional! Don’t miss it!



As you start to consider transitioning your wardrobe from Summer to Fall, consider using Halftee for your go betweens. Maybe mornings and evenings will be cool but days will still be hot… Wearing an elbow sleeve or 3/4 Halftee can be great ways to start transitioning your summer tops to Autumn Aesthetics without compromising your comfort. Start determining which pieces you want to buy for fall and budget accordingly. You may live somewhere like Utah, where the weather is so bipolar you keep ALL your wardrobe ALL year long because you just never know…. This is another example of how HALFTEE is a must for your wardrobe! Many of my tops I keep in my closet year round and I just change the Halftee Sleeve and color to compliment the seasonal needs. Speaking of seasonal needs…..



Another area to prepare for the new season is in your decorations! I love seasonal decor with specialty holiday sets. In the store, or at home- good seasonal decor sets the mood and can be so rejuvenating! Sometimes even just changing the wreath on your front door, or the centerpiece on your table… or over your mantel is just enough to get you feeling relaxed and fresh. With Fall comes a lot of Holidays that come really close together… You have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years all really close together… Then a month later you go into Valentines Day and so on! So what can we do to prepare for Fall Holiday changes? My biggest suggestion is make sure you know where your Holiday decor is and that it’s easily accessible now… Quick decor changes will really help you stay organized, relax and give you the sense of renewal- over and over again!



But the best way to prepare for Fall is in your mindset… I’m big into mindset, journaling and affirmations. There is definitely a shift that happens from Summer to Fall… We have more stresses that come with Fall. Many people begin school, take classes, start new jobs, or as a mother you basically start all of those for as many kids you have… New teachers, new. Material to study, new homework topics, new anxieties in your kids, new expectations, desires and goals… A lot can happen in the Fall. Going from a care-free Summer mind to a responsible, task oriented mind can be really hard… Start working on your mindset transition early.. Not only will having a handle on things help relieve the stress, but when you get the winter blues in the gloomy winter months, you can do it again, and help find your happy spot!


All of these ways take time- you may have thought, Girl- it’s only July…. But these next few weeks will fly by, and then you’ll be faced with Autumn hard and fast. Start slowly working at these 5 areas now, and take your time… None of them are meant to be done in a day- But you CAN tackle it in a day if you want! Prepare for Fall and enjoy those cooler months more!



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