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Get it Together: Organization Tips from a Professional!

Getting organized can be so hard! I love a clean house, that is organized well. Even the minimalist style is something i may desire- but it's so hard to achieve. Especially in a house with 8 kids- we all have our things. We all love our things... I may want to throw away something that means the world to my kids... It looks like junk to me... So how can you get organized and how can you help your kids find that organizer bug to only keep what they really need and want- rather than becoming mini hoarders? 


Fear not! This task is not unattainable! We asked a professional. Michele Thompson is a professional from Mesa Arizona. She owns her own organization company called "Organize Me Michele" You can find her on Instagram as well! We asked Michele what tips she would give to aspiring organizers and minimalists in the making... 


Originally we had asked top 5 tips- and she laughed in our face... She said there are so many elements to being a well organized human... So instead of 5 basic tips- we are sharing with you EVERYTHING she shared with us... It's too good not to share! You're Welcome!


General rules:

1. Sort, Contain & label: First sort your stuff. Put it in containers and label the containers on all sides. Clear containers are best. 

2. If it can be replaced easily and you don’t use it, don’t store it. 

3. If you don’t have a plan to use it, get rid of it. 

4. Store items in their smallest form.  (No bulky boxes or packaging, slim it down)

5. Find a declutter partner. (It’s always more fun with a friend.) Don't be embarrassed- we all have too much stuff. Be proud of your efforts to declutter your life. 


Kids Clutter: 

1. Encourage toy creativity. (Keep toys that make them use their imagination)

2. Remove duplicate toys. ( even if they play with both, they only need one.)

3. Store or remove less used toys. Out of sight, out of mind.

4. Keep out only clothes that are used within 2 weeks. Store excess clothes and rotate if you aren't ready to toss them. (THIS ONE SAVES ME SO MUCH LAUNDRY TIME!)

5. Store special clothes in a separate location. (special occasions etc)

6. Have a separate Rubbermaid bin for each child’s schoolwork.  Sort out trash at the end of each school year. ( Collect all their projects, assignments etc- then sort what you really care to keep at the end of the school year!)


Kitchen clutter:

1. Avoid duplicate tools. You only need one.

2. Store appliances that are used less than once a month in basement or garage. 

3. Keep counters as empty as possible.

4. Store or remove excess dishes, cups & cookware. ( We know you may need more for holidays and gatherings, but only keep enough for everyone in the house to have one of everything.) 


Keepsake Clutter:

1. Minimize it’s footprint.

2. Evaluate it’s true importance. 

3. Preserve, display or remove.


In & out clutter: 

1. Have a container for items to leave the house. 

2. Have a container for incoming items, sort by recipient.

3. Empty regularly.


Guilt clutter: 

1. Take a picture. 

2. Pass it on to someone else. (There are people that need purple velvet pillows, but it doesn't mean you do.)

3. Store it out of sight. (If you think Aunt Mary will visit and ask about the lamp she gave you.)

4. Clothes that don’t fit should be given to someone that needs them. There are plenty of used clothes that don’t fit at thrift stores. You can put yours there 

5. If it’s a collection worth something, sell it.  Money takes up less space. 



Amazing and simple tips to get you started on your organizing journey! Get out from under your clutter, and Get it Together! You got this!


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