4 Tips so You can Style Patterns like a Pro

4 Tips so You can Style Patterns like a Pro

Styling with patterned prints is bold and fun, but it’s not always easy to know what to layer them with. Here at Halftee, we want to make sure the door to styling with patterns is always open! Here are some simple tips and tricks to styling patterns that can help you rock your wardrobe. 

1. Style with solid colors that match the print! This is one of the easiest ways to style a pattern. It lets the pattern shine by allowing it to have visual emphasis over the rest of the outfit. You can never go wrong here. 


2. Style with solid colors that compliment the print. The wine color of this dress beautifully compliments the colors of the Cheetah Halftee. If you’re unsure which colors compliment prints you have in your closet, you can visit https://coolors.co/generate to find color palette inspiration! 


3. Style with lace, or sheer, or cut out fabrics. This is a unique way to let patterns shine. It adds another dimension to the outfit, which makes it extra fun and wild!


4. Style with another pattern! Mixing patterns has been all the rage lately. Honestly, this is one reason we love modern fashion. There are no rules anymore, it’s all about wearing what you love and representing who you are. The most important thing about styling with patterns is the fact that you get to wear something you love. So don’t let anything stop you! 

P.S. Here are some awesome tips for mixing patterns if you need a starting point!


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