The Ultimate Back to School Wardrobe Essentials

The Ultimate Back to School Wardrobe Essentials

Finding your girls' back-to-school wardrobe essentials can feel overwhelming, so we've come up with the ultimate guide to help you get the job done.

Back-to-school season is an exciting time; however, back-to-school shopping can sometimes feel like a chore. On top of buying all of the school supplies, a new backpack, and a lunchbox, you also need to stock up on some new clothes — especially if your kiddos have experienced a summer growth spurt.

This yearly ritual can overwhelm parents in many ways, emotionally (it's hard to see your little ones grow!), mentally (finding the time and energy can be tricky), and financially (buying a whole new wardrobe can get expensive). 

So, to help you stomach the task of back-to-school shopping, we've compiled the ultimate guide for your kids' school wardrobe that will help you gather all of the things your children will need.

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Back-to-School Wardrobe Essentials: Where to Start

Before heading to your favorite local shop or online store, conduct a quick inventory of everything your child already has or what hand-me-downs might be coming their way. While this requires a bit of a time investment at first, it will likely save you time and money in the long run since you will avoid buying duplicates of items and then having to make returns after the fact. It's totally worth the time! The best place to start is to go through your child's clothes and make a list of the things they still need.

You'll also want to take note of your child's size and what clothes they are currently in. Take measurements of your kids now so that you can make purchases even when they aren't with you or are unable to try them on.

Lastly, be sure to look into the dress code at your child's school. Are they required to wear a uniform or certain colors? Are there any restrictions or rules you need to be aware of before making any purchases?

The Best Back-to-School Wardrobe Essentials List

To make it easier on you, we've broken the list into categories:


Long-Sleeved Shirts — When temperatures drop, your kids will want some long-sleeved shirts to layer with.

Short-Sleeved Shirts — T-shirts are a classic option that every kid needs! You can never have too many tees!

Dressy Shirts — Whether your child (or you) prefers a button-down shirt, collared polo, something with ruffles, or another dressy shirt or blouse, having one on hand for special occasions is essential!


Jeans — A staple every person needs! Find a style and cut that your child is comfortable playing in. If they don't love the feeling of denim, you can find a denim-look legging that is much more comfortable and flexible for them.

Shorts — While back-to-school screams "fall," it is actually still pretty warm during the first couple of months of school. Not to mention, it can warm up come spring, depending on your climate.

Dressier Pants — Sometimes, your child will need to wear something a bit more dressed up than jeans while still being more on the casual side. Look for dark or khaki-colored pants in various silhouettes and fabrics.


Coat — If it isn't below freezing, many schools will still hold outdoor recess, so having a warm coat for your kids is essential.

Jacket or Sweatshirt — For the days that don't require a full-on coat, having a sweatshirt or light jacket to throw on is ideal.


Dresses — If your child likes to wear dresses, have one or two options for them. To help your child feel comfortable and covered during activities or recess, have them wear spandex shorts (also known as cartwheel shorts) underneath.


Everyday Shoes — An "everyday" shoe might look different from one kid to the next. Some kids prefer a sturdy sneaker, while others might want a comfortable sandal (if the weather permits).

Dress — For those special occasions, you may want a nice-looking pair of dress shoes for your kiddos.

Cold-Weather Option — Depending on your climate, rain or snow boots may be a necessity.


Underwear — You'll want to make sure they have enough underwear and bras (depending on their body). Ideally, grab a pack with five to seven pairs so that you can get through the school week without worrying about doing laundry and supplying clean undergarments. 

Socks — Grab a pack of socks that come in a variety of styles. Depending on the shoes your child is wearing, they may want socks that are thick or thin, or that are no-show, ankle, or the standard tube style.

Underlayers — Make the most of your kids' summer wardrobe by adding underlayers that will make all of your favorite warm-weather tops and dresses modest for school. 

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