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Picture Worthy Outfits: A How To!

They say the outfit was a waste if you didn’t get a picture in it, right?

Well, at least that’s how it seems!


We all love to get a cute photo in our going-out outfits, whether we just keep the picture as a memory, it is for social media, or for a special occasion. But what outfits make for the best pictures? Let’s go over a few things to consider when putting together a picture-worthy outfit!


The first thing you want to consider is colors. While bright colors are fun and seem to be a great pop of color, they can also distract from your face, the background, or whatever is the central focus. It is best to consider pale colors and neutrals in photos. You want to make sure these colors do not blend into the background or your skin tone though! Pastels can be a great option especially when paired with khaki or a denim. Deep colors can also work well. For example, navy or maroon. These colors will show up great in the photos but not overly distract or blend. Don’t forget that black is a slimming color if that is something you are going for, but overall, just be authentically you in the photos and you will have the best outcome!!


Have you ever heard of seasonal color palettes? Everyone falls into a different seasonal color palette depending on skin tone, hair color, eye color, and other features. There are several tests you can try to find out which seasonal color palette fits you best. When dressing in this seasonal color palette your features will pop in the best way! This is an easy way to decide which colors suit you best, especially when being photographed.




Don’t forget about dressing for your body type! We all have our own unique body shape. As we learn to dress for our body type, we can find ways to dress our body to be the most flattering, especially for photos! I will break down a few of the most common body shapes and give some tips on how to dress for each.



• Pear Shaped (Triangle)

Pear body types look great when dressing up and playing with the tops/shirts. Try fun sleeves, plunging or unique neck lines, and more form fitting tops. When it comes to pants, flare and boot cut are great at balancing your proportions. Find ways to play with different combinations, add statement jewelry, and you have got a flattering outfit for your pear body!



• Apple Shaped (Inverted Triangle)

Apple body types fit perfect with more relaxed tops and A or V line shirts. With more relaxed shirts you will often want to pair it with a tighter bottom. Skinny jeans are very flattering on you. A straight leg pant can also work, especially if it is cropped. When it comes to dresses try shorter dressers or even wrap-dresses!


• Hourglass Shaped (Curvy)

Hourglass body types should lean toward tight, form-fitting shirts. These shirts will pinch the waist. It would also be a good idea to try wrap tops or any top that gives room in the chest but isn’t baggy near the waist. Cropped layers can look great and show off your figure. When it comes to pants you are in luck. High waisted can look amazing on you but if you are not afraid of low-rise jeans these will give your figure a great look as well. Bodycon or fitted dresses are made for you, so don’t be shy!


• Rectangle Shaped (Straight/Athletic Build)

Rectangle body types are very balanced. Halter tops and strapless can be very flattering. You can pull off cargo pants or regular jeans, just balance it out with the top you choose. Same goes for dresses as it does tops, try halter or strapless. Play with lengths and find your happy medium. You are balanced and that makes it easier!


Find ways to add dimension to your outfit. It is great to start simple and more neutral when it comes to outfits for pictures. However, once you have found that part of the look, don’t be afraid to add dimension. This can be a pop of color, statement jewelry, a fun hat, or our favorite: layers! Adding a halftee to your outfit is an easy way to add some dimension and uniqueness to your picture-worthy outfit. Some halftees I LOVE for pictures are the lace, turtleneck, puff-sleeve, and waterfall sleeve!




Dress in what you feel comfortable in. This is the most important tip I can give for your picture-worthy outfit. If you are feeling uncomfortable or unsure with your outfit, then it is probably not the best picture outfit. You want to feel comfortable and confident when you are posing for the camera. If you love and feel pretty in what you’re wearing it will show in the photos! Play with your style, but stay true to yourself.


The most picture-worthy outfits are seen on people who are unapologetically themselves!!


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