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Styling YOUR Perfect Valentine's Day Look

Valentine’s day brings love, flowers, chocolates, and more. But what people often don’t think about until the last minute is what to wear. Whether it is a fun galentine’s dinner, a cozy night in with your significant other, or a date out on the town I can help you style yourself for your Valentine’s Day celebration! Everyone spends their Valentine’s Day different but, if you love fashion like me, your outfit is probably on your mind. In this blog, I will give you a few different tips and ideas for putting together your perfect Valentine’s Day look.

Let’s start with a more casual Valentine’s outfit. These ideas would be for a cozy date night with your spouse or for having a romantic night in. In this situation I want to be comfortable for the night, but it’s a holiday… so I also want to look cute. This is where colors and textures become so important. Valentine’s Day colors obviously include the pinks and reds. Finding trendy shades of these colors is ideal. Look for a pastel pink or a maroon is great if you don’t want to wear the bright reds and hot pinks. Find textured clothing, such as velvet, to make a comfy outfit appear more elevated. A cute matching set would be a go-to of mine. Check out Halftee’s bubble gum pink matching set for an example!! But, other options would be a fuzzy sweater and leggings or a graphic tee and sweats.

But what about a galentine’s dinner? This requires a more in between outfit. You want to dress cute, but it’s not necessarily a fancy occasion. Think girl’s night with charcuteries boards and games. For a Valentine’s girls’ night, I would go for a pant/jean with a cute top. It can be fun to do a statement pant such as pink pants with a more neutral top. This isn’t something you would wear every day, so it makes the outfit more festive! You can also do the opposite and wear a basic jean or white pant with a statement top. This is the time to bring out a cute shirt with
puffy sleeves or a bow. Don’t shy away from cute patterns. A top with hearts is adorable for Valentine’s Day and makes a statement.

The last type of Valentine’s Day activity I will give suggestions for is a fancier date night out. This is when I would suggest a dress or skirt. Silk material is perfect for this. It is romantic and makes an outfit look nicer. Lace detail does the same! A chunky sweater with a silk skirt is super comfy AND looks nice. Add tights and boots or heels and you have a perfect Valentine’s date night outfit. If you want to go even fancier, you can add a leather jacket or blazer on top of a pink or red dress.

Valentine’s Day is in February, so depending on where you are, you might have to take weather into consideration. A cute puffer coat is a great option for on top. But if you want to layer under your outfit, we have some halftees that are perfect for a holiday like Valentine’s Day. Our lace long sleeve or mesh long sleeve halftee look super cute under tees or tank tops. If that’s not your style, we have our turtle or mock necks as well which look great under a sweater or dress. Layering adds dimension so don’t be afraid to embrace the layered look for Valentine’s Day

Don’t forget the power of makeup, jewelry, and accessories for whatever look you choose! A red or pink lip is great for a statement/pop of color. Glitter eyeshadow works as well. If you have a simpler outfit add some chunky gold jewelry, a nice watch, and grab your cute clutch or purse to complete your look. Don’t be scared to try different hair accessories like a bow, this is the time to go out of your comfort zone, you won’t regret it! So, whether you are staying in with your significant other, going out on the town, or celebrating with the girls you can find the perfect Valentine’s Day fit for you!!


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