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The Funny Way He Learned the Hard Truth About Modesty

My name is Temo Lopez. I’m a 21-year-old college male interning at Halftee. You must be wondering why a man would intern at a women’s clothing company. The answer is simple. I misread the name of the company when applying to internships. I thought the company was called HALF-TREE not HALF-TEE, so I thought it was a paper company or something like that.

Boy, I was surprised when I got an email telling me I could sample a Halftee, but I would want to give to a close female acquaintance. I immediately looked up the company name and realized my mistake. But it would have been completely unprofessional to leave for something so trivial as applying for a women’s clothing company.

Naturally, I decided to stay and make the best of my mistake by learning from the experts that comprise the Halftee team. I made the right choice as I was welcomed with open arms.

The next few months were a blur as I tried to learn about women’s fashion. And, how a Halftee could elevate women's problems, especially for those that were trying to dress modestly.

When I started working for Halftee I began to realize how hard it was for women to dress modestly. Growing up, I always admired girls that would dress modestly even when such a thing was not a part of fashion.

However, I never noticed exactly how difficult it is for girls to dress modestly. As a man, I never think about dressing modestly because that just means wearing a shirt. I began to really appreciate the effort girls took to find modest clothes so that they could uphold their standards.

Speaking for most men, when a woman is firm in what she believes, she immediately becomes more attractive in our eyes.

With times changing, we need strong women that won’t falter on small things such as modesty. So, to all the women out there that struggle to find modest clothing and wonder if it’s worth it, just know that it is!

Us men are not as oblivious as you think, we do notice that new outfit, we just never know how to make the right compliment!

PS: Now I realize why my mom and sister always take an eternity when we would go shopping. I will never again complain when we have to spend hours in one store looking for a dress!


  • Dawn: May 03, 2020
    Good catch. I read it as alleviate even though it was not. My brain read what should be there.
  • Pam Love: April 26, 2020
    Please don’t publish this. I think you mean alleviate and accidentally wrote elevate. Just wanted to give a private heads up if you want to correct.

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