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5 Easy DIY Manicures to Improve Your Clothes

Winter is gone. No more layers. No more bulky coats covering the clothes you love. Spring is here and that means summer is on its way. How will you express yourself with the liberty the sun gives you?

You deserve to pamper yourself for getting through this winter season full of cold weather, hard work, and gift-giving. Pamper yourself with a well-deserved manicure and a Halftee to go with it!

The Elegant Criss Cross Tank Halftee is for those simple gals who want to add a little spice. Just like this manicure, the Criss Cross Tank shows enough skin, while keeping enough covered. Throw this tank under your basic shirts for a pop of surprise and mystery. Keep things fresh without going over the top!


How to create manicure

These pieces for the times you are feeling a bit bolder and want to express yourself a little more loudly than usual. Grab everyone's attention with your Snake Skin Long Sleeve Halftee. These looks are for the fierce girls out there who aren’t afraid to get what they want, get it, girls!


How to create manicure

~Love~ is what we feel towards our full lace long-sleeved Halftee! Say I love you with a touch of lace under any top or dress to show a little skin while keeping it classy. Show your special someone you love them with Full Lace Long-Sleeved Halftee. A darling addition to outfits you already ~LOVE~!


How to create manicure 

This unstoppable duo is a personal favorite. Why? There is so much flexibility! By going with a more traditional elegance in nail preference, we can dress it up or down. Try the gray Halftee Tank because it’s perfect for relaxing at home with the added flair of cuteness.


How to create manicure

This pink combination oozes summer joy. The Papaya Boyfriend Halftee adds a pop of color to any outfit! Meanwhile, the nails accentuate and draw attention, not only to your spectacular manicure, but also your great sense of style. And even better, all the colors in your nails give you even more options when choosing from all the amazing colors Halftee has to offer!


How to create nail polish

But wait...there’s more…with Halftee you get all the coverage, all the styles, and all the color WITHOUT THE HEAT. Ladies, Halftee provides everything you want without adding to the summer heat.


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