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This Surprising Clothing Hack Will Make You Excited to Work Out

For all our sporty gals out there, do you struggle to find the perfect balance between freedom and coverage when you’re working out? Halftee can provide both!

If you’re feeling a little freer and want to let your body breathe, we have the solution for you. Pair our Elegant Criss Cross Tank or Spaghetti Strap Cami with high waisted leggings for a sassy look and a less restrictive workout ensemble. If you enjoy working out in looser shirts that don’t accentuate your body, slip a Halftee underneath to provide coverage. This way, when you bend forward, nobody sees all your business. Halftee provides the perfect amount of support and comfort that will make you excited to hit the gym (well, maybe not excited, but you get the point)....

Why do you love your Halftee? The comfort? The coverage? The confidence? These are the classic guarantees of a Halftee that you know and love. Do you want these liberating qualities in many aspects of your life? Then try wearing Halftee for your killer workouts as well. Freedom, perspiration control, and style are some of the extra benefits that our exercise line can provide. These qualities all work together to give you the most invigoratingly comfortable workouts you’ve ever had. Our Halftees help women to wear what they want and feel comfortable in their bodies and clothing. Halftees provide that spirit and boldness while you are pumping the iron as well. Walk into the gym with confidence and walk out with satisfaction.

For outdoor sports, a Long Sleeve Halftee can provide the warmth and style you need. Layer up lightly without the extra bulk under your jerseys or use a Halftee to protect your skin from long hours in the sun. The breathable material allows you to move just as fast as before, without limitations. Stand out with your pop of color or pattern under your plain uniform as you give the crowd someone to watch!

Still having trouble with the personal application? Let us help you with that...

Jumping Jacks? Halftees keep everything firmly in place.

Running from your chores? Halftees minimize the sweat.

Wrestling your toddler for bath time? Halftees dry out fast.

Sit-ups? Halftees let your abs breath.

Kid needs something to wear under their sports uniform? Halftees come in a large variety of colors.

Lacking motivation to work out? You’ll be looking for any chance you can get to wear your Halftee, even if that means the gym!


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