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Top 3 Easy Ideas for Last-Minute Gifts

You made your list, you checked it twice…. Everyone has a gift!…. Or do they?

Oh no! You forgot one! Time is running out- Christmas (or any gift-giving activity) is a coming up quick! If it’s a huge holiday like Christmas, the shelves are bare. What do you do? Don’t stress, here are some last-minute gift ideas (you’re welcome)!


Sometimes the best gifts are acts of kindness or service. Make a cute handwritten certificate they can redeem or give them a beautiful card with your gift written in it. Does your mom always talk about how much she hates shoveling snow? Gift her your snow shoveling service for the rest of the season. Fix a neighbor’s broken garden gnome, or take your niece's dog to the groomer on you! Little things go a long way and are often remembered and cherished more than material items.


Spending time together in this busy world is hard to do! Whether it’s a teen who is socially busy and lacks time to spare you want to connect with. Or, an elderly grandma who may only have a few holidays left- or anyone in between- EXPERIENCES together! Plan a trip to your local amusement park, a shopping night out, dessert and conversation. Or, learn something about them and do THEIR favorite activity with them. You can learn so much and create incredible memories when you spend quality, focused time together!

Gift Cards

I often hear people say gift cards are a cop-out. In fact, it’s a rule with my extended family that gift cards are not gifts. BUT getting a gift card to your favorite restaurant, or shop at the mall always gets exciting! It’s also a sure-fire way to know they are getting what they really want and they will love it.

At Halftee, we’ve got you covered. LITERALLY ;P! Give a Halftee E-gift card! You can get them any day of the year- even the day of! Talk about a last-minute save! With all the styles and colors, we have- she is sure to find something she will love with her gift card!

Happy Holidays from us! Don’t sweat the last-minute gift needs- we got you covered!


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