Our Story

Amanda Barker

Halftee is Amanda Barker’s brainchild. While struggling with the bulk of two layered shirts while nursing her third baby Amanda had what turned out to be the life altering thought, “Why can’t someone come up with a half shirt? Something that gives me a cute neckline and sleeve coverage but ditches the bulky length?” It was years later, after having her fifth child, that Amanda realized she was that “someone”. About that time, Halftee Layering Fashions was born.

Now the Halftee founder is responsible for all manufacturing management and company operations. She is a graduate of BYU where she earned a bachelor’s degree in physical education. A native of Wyoming, the entrepreneur is best known for her strong sense of family as she raises seven happy children with her husband Tyler. Grounding herself in a belief in the goodness of people, her Christian faith, freedom, music and service Amanda celebrates a challenge with positivity. Believing that a successful life is naturally fun she brings her own brand of enthusiasm to her work. Her very intentional enthusiasm amply spills over to her exceptional product. A product that solves a universal problem with simplicity and stylistic charm.



Noelle Nieporte

 Extreme challenges, whether in everyday life or business, are nothing new to Noelle Nieporte. This self motivated, driven, successful entrepreneur has faced challenges throughout her life, and always overcome them with panache. This ability to rise to the occasion shows itself most obviously in her dual roles as the co-owner and spokesperson for Halftee Layering Fashion, a business that is the 9th fastest growing company in the state.

Noelle's path to this level of success reveals that her gung-ho attitude and boundless determination have been a central part of her essence for decades. Early in her career, she rose to prominence when she was crowned Miss Pennsylvania in 1992. Enjoying the challenges and excitement of working on the stage, she continued to appear on television, performing hosting duties on QVC in Germany, HSN, ShopNBC, TSC in Canada, and for Lifestyle. Her engaging personality and zest for life resonated with audiences, often selling out clothing lines in as little as 30 seconds.

Her successes in the fashion industry weren't simply limited to hosting activities, though. Hiding behind her stunning personality was a truly exceptional entrepreneurial mind. She created a number of new fashion lines and sold her products on air. Creating and selling successful companies became as much a part of her life as performing hosting duties on television.

Noelle Nieporte is the living embodiment of a true renaissance woman. She has a modern fashion sense that clicks with the average consumer, a savvy business acumen that allows her to manage large accounts effortlessly, and a magnetic personality that electrifies and inspires others to take action. It is a combination that is absolutely ideal for companies seeking a new spokesperson, a new CEO, or both.

When asked directly about her personality, Noelle describes herself as a spitfire. The description seems apt, though she clearly has a more mellow side as well. In addition to her accomplishments in the business world, she is also a loving wife and mother of three girls, taking as much pride in her entrepreneurial success as she does in the fact that she coaches her daughter's soccer team.

Noelle also exhibits a strong commitment to her community. She regularly contributes to and attends fundraisers for non-profit organizations or other worthy endeavors. She loves the community she grew up in, and now that she is successful, believes strongly in helping others achieve the same successes she has achieved in life.

While Noelle continues to enjoy her duties as both spokesperson and co-owner of the Halftee Layering Fashion, she is always looking for new challenges in her life. She is a woman who loves to be challenged and says, "When the momentum is going, you need to keep moving." Whether the next challenge and opportunity is a new business venture, a new spokesperson opportunity, or something completely different, Noelle is ready to handle it with the same savvy and talent with which she handles every other aspect of her life.