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Here at Halftee we are all about your satisfaction. That is why we will bend over backwards until you are happy with what you purchased from us. We will gladly exchange your items until you find EXACTLY what you wanted and we promise that Halftee is the game changer you are looking for but for whatever reason it may not be we will make it right. We have a 30 day 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all full price merchandise! Our customer service team and Halftee experts will be by your side through the entire process.

Estimated shipping costs are as follows:

1/ Domestic shipping is a flat $6.95 for your entire order first class mail.

2/ There are options for expedited shipping-- PRIORITY mail is $11.95 and EXPRESS 2 day shipping is $26.99.

3/ First Class/Priority Shipping is FREE on orders over $100.00 in the USA.

4/ International orders are priced starting at 16.99 and go up from there depending on the postage for said countries.

Absolutely!! We love talking to you! You can reach us:

1/ Monday- Saturday from 10am-9pm MST at 801-900-7440

2/ We are happy to take your order by phone! (P.S. When you call, first class regular shipping is on us!)

Again YES!!!!! Halftees are made to keep you covered and keep your undies covered as well. Our patterns provide the modest coverage you need WHERE you need it!
There are many women who do! It is a personal choice and how you are most comfortable. Halftee will not provide the support or lift a bra would but if that is not your need Halftee has been known to make a great alternative! Especially for women who have skin sensitivity or have undergone treatments for breast cancer. We hear that Halftee has been heaven sent for them!
Once our order has been confirmed by our warehouse team. Processing will usually take 2 business days for in-stock items and 6-10 business days for high demand items. Another email will be sent when your order has shipped. While we get your order ready, please double check the details and let us know if anything needs changing... Questions? Simply reply to this email or call us between 10am-4pm, Mon-Fri (MST) There are times ie: when we are having a site wide sale, or it is a long holiday weekend that things can get backed up a bit.
The absolute best way to reach us is by email ( as we are constantly checking throughout the day and are really good at getting back to people as soon as we are able. However you are welcome to call 801-900-7440 or use the chat feature on our website---between the hours of 10am and 9pm Monday-Saturday MST.
OFTEN! The BEST way to stay in the loop for our sales and new releases is to join our email list! ( by doing so, you will get your first discount on the spot!)We love having flash sales, holiday sales, to offer discounts , free shipping or surprise sales just because we love our customers! You can look for other discounts through FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, our influencers, PINTEREST. We also have a loyalty program that gives HUGE discounts after tracking your purchase history and it will send you emails once your reward levels have been reached.
We have a sizing chart available however every woman is so different that the best advice we have for you is to “shop your top” meaning whatever size you would purchase for your body above the rib cage is the size you would want in a Halftee. For example,many women find they buy bigger shirts to compensate for hips and belly and can go smaller or need to go larger for the upper half of their bodies. “Shop your top” with Halftee because the middle doesn’t matter :)
We have found that this is really a personal comfort questions but we often advise our friends to order up in the cap sleeve if you have sensitivity to tight sleeves on your upper arm-- just to give you some wiggle room. Or to size up in the lace because lace does not have the 4 way stretch of our regular knits. Otherwise again we advise to “shop your top” and you will find the right sizes for you. And remember we do have a 100% satisfaction guarantee so we WILL make sure you are happy!
Halftees will NOT shrink , however they do enjoy being cared for lovingly and with a little extra care will last FOREVER! We recommend that you wash your halftees gently and then either hang them to dry or lay them flat to avoid shortening their lifespan---if they find their way into the dryer it will be ok!
We try to have something new for you or something special to offer every other month, sometimes more, sometimes less. We like to release a new fabric, color or style to keep your wardrobe fresh as often as we are able. Every now and then we are delayed because you can always trust us to only release a product we truly believe is important and the quality you deserve!
YES!!!! You can always pre-order anything we do not currently have in stock ( and by doing so you automatically get free shipping as a thanks for your patience with us) Special orders are available if you have the time to be patient. They usually take about 6 weeks.
GREAT NEWS! Within the next 6 months Halftee will be extending our sizing to 6X!!!! For those of you who are very small and very tall--- see the above paragraph about special orders!
The first line of defense is to contact your local post office if the tracking shows your package is on the way! However, feel free to contact us anytime by phone(801) 900-7440 or even better by email ( and we will work with you to track down your package or re-ship it to you promptly.
There is only ONE original Halftee brand---but luckily we have lots of people who are selling them! You can find Halftee online at, shop our physical store locations---University Mall in Orem, Utah (10am -9pm Monday-Saturday). Our corporate offices has a showroom that is open for shopping M-TH 10am to 3pm and also boasts our clearance/discontinued items sale room! (94 South State Street, Lindon, Utah) We sell on,, and several shops around the country and in Canada.
We do! Sizes 4/6-14/16! And they are just soooo cute! Same great quality and style---At a little girl price and size!
We are based out of Lindon, Utah and have our roots in Provo. Our corporate offices are at 94 South State Lindon, Utah. You can also find our Kiosk at the University Place Mall in Orem Utah.( (April-September)
This is a loaded question since every woman is different and feels things differently so I will answer generally speaking and from what we have experienced---our lace is soft and is not uncomfortable to wear all day, many women have said it is the most comfortable lace they have ever worn but there will always be those who are more sensitive---for arms, this too is so personal--if you know you have issues with arm tightness go ahead and size up to give you a bit more room---if it does not work for you, that’s ok we will find something that does! But do TRY it! What is there to lose?
Anything worn under clothing be it a tank top, bra or other under clothing has the potential to show----wearing something dark under something light is likely to show--A halftee is not going to be invisible but you WILL forget you are wearing one because they are so comfortable and there is no hassle with adjusting all the time--you just set and forget! You will be able to bend over all day without worrying about “spillage”, “flashing” or other wardrobe malfunctions! Halftee is truly the little shirt you never knew you needed but don’t want to live without!
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