How I Solved The "Bulk" Problem That Comes With Layering

“I realized that ‘someone’ was me.”

In 2009,  I had just given birth to our third of eight children (yes, you read that correctly!). As I was trying to nurse him, I found myself fighting with not just one shirt, but two (layers, of course!).

During the fuss, I grumpily asked myself why someone couldn’t come up with a half shirt that provided the modest coverage in the neckline and added sleeves, but ditched the bulky length?

Modesty is an important principle to me. I know there are so many of you out there who also value this--it’s not about hiding our bodies, but it’s about respecting our bodies. I believe when we dress modestly we instantly feel more confident, comfortable and walk a little taller.

I often found that while my clothes fit well standing still, what happens to my neckline when I lean over? Does your shirt come up when you crouch down to pick something up? Mine do! Modest clothing and coverage gives us confidence in our movements without yanking or fussing---let’s face it----half the time our hands are occupied with children or work-related items to do any yanking or fussing!

After I gave birth to my fifth child a few years later, I realized that ‘someone’ was me. With no turning back, I took action to design my own version of the undershirt I needed and wanted. It was going to be up to me to find the solution!

As I designed the HalfTee, I focused on the aspects of the perfect layering shirt I wanted. A piece that provided the coverage in the neckline but also provided me with the sleeve I needed, while wearing sleeveless tops or dresses. With great care and planning, we finally produced EXACTLY what I had envisioned!

When I wore a full length layering shirt I was always pulling, tugging, or tucking it in. I didn’t want to tuck, yank, and tug on my undershirt and always be adjusting. I only wanted the coverage in the sleeve and neckline and I wanted it to stay in place, no matter what I was doing. SO,  I included the HalfTee 2-inch signature band that keeps the Halftee comfortably in place--no matter your activity or bust size.

When layering with sleeveless tops, dresses,  plunging necklines, or other pitfalls of fashion :P, I wanted a finished hem to give a classy layered look for all occasions, so we went with a soft hem that lays flat--it doesn’t get in the way at all!

Women come in all shapes and sizes. Some women have a higher cleavage, some no cleavage at all (ME! :D ) That’s why I designed the HalfTee to be reversible--it gives you two different options for the neckline and still fits perfectly no matter which way you wear it!

It was exhilarating  to watch my ideas come to life, but the real magic happened when we added YOU! The joy of seeing a little shirt make such a big difference, has made the blood, sweat and tears all worth it!

Ever since HalfTee started in _2009____, the stories have been endless about how this essential layering piece has brought freedom to women’s lives. Check out what HalfTee customers are saying:

Bree HerbertChristianne MorrisMelissa Downing BurtonNibs ButterfieldBobbie Lamar


It’s very easy to style with a HalfTee, and with over 16 styles, from tanks, to basic cap sleeves, ¾ sleeves and lace, the options for your wardrobe become limitless. Whether you are a women looking to extend her wardrobe throughout the year, the fashionista that loves the look of layers without the bulk and heat, or simply a problem solver, Halftee has got you covered!

Watch this short video where Noelle, co-owner and fashionista extraordinaire, shows you some styling options.



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Amanda Barker

HalfTee Founder

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