HALFTEE is going VOGUE!  A couple months ago we hired a business consultant to come into Halftee and help us, "find ourselves." In this process, he asked us to write down our vision of what Halftee looks like in 5 years. I try to read this everyday to help me remember what I want Half-tee to become. I want to share it with you all....It is a big dream, but I believe in dreams especially when they include making others super happy! I wrote it as if it were a magazine article about "the success" of Halftee and my vision includes which magazine....VOGUE. :)

Starting out in the basement of a stay at home mom of 5 children, Halftee Layering Fashions is now what women refer to as their go to staple piece in their closet. Halftee for the last ten years has been making its way into women's closets helping them wear the clothes they want to wear when they want to wear to them.

So many women walk into a store and see the many racks of clothes, which they "can't" or "won't" wear. That top is too low, this style is sleeveless, I am too old to wear that, too fat to wear that, I hate my arms so on and so on.....NO! NO! NO! to so many things. Say "NO" no more. Halftees has brought "YES" back into the women's shopping experience. Halftee has brought the solution every woman needs and wants and is doing it with practicality, class, and fashion forward style. Say "no" to the extra bulky layers and heat and say "Yes" to simplicity and comfort.

Halftee offers a large variety of styles, sleeve lengths, and colors. With variety and quality as their main objectives, Halftee is revolutionizing the way women layer, shop and ultimately the confidence of a woman in her clothes. When a woman feels comfortably confident in her appearance, it changes that women for the better! Thank you Halftee Layering Fashions for bringing confidence, comfort and versatility back into the world of fashion. Thank you for providing the solution to women's everyday struggle, "I don't have anything to wear," or " I hate my clothes."

What Hanes is to underwear, Halftee is to layering solutions. Unprecedented in quality and variety. Practical in every way. Thank you Halftee for bringing "yes" back into a women's shopping experience and confidence into getting dressed each morning.



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