Stores and Boutiques That Carry HALFTEES

So all of you lovely ladies that need to have more ideas on how the heck to wear a Halftee, Noelle and I are going to start shooting little videos of how "we" would wear a halftee, but we want to also support other businesses that are currently carrying Halftees. So we are going to shoot our little videos in local stores and boutiques that carry Halftee. We want to show you how to walk into a store and shop with a halftee in mind. We are going to use the Halftees they currently carry in their store and then pick different outfits to go with those styles of halftees. Given that Noelle and I have totally different styles I believe you all will get a ton of ideas on "how to wear a Halftee."

Our first stop was last week at "The Emporium" at Thanksgiving Point. DeDe is the store manager and has been carrying Halftees for a couple years. A shout out to her and the was at this beautiful boutique that introduced our top customer online from 2014 to her first Halftee, and she fell in love.

Noelle and I showed up unannounced because Noelle didn't feel it was necessary to reach out to DeDe before showing up with a video camera and a "lighting ring" (which Noelle promised was this little tiny thing and once it got on the tripod it looked like we were a bunch of amateur morans trying to look professional, kind of a little funny), and her red stilettos. So we asked the cute little gal if we could shoot a video for Hafltee, and of course she asks "have you talked to DeDe?" Enough said on that, right. We finally got permission, and we were off to the races. Make sure to tune into our Hafltee YouTube channel, to watch as Noelle, and I shop our way and our styles. It is pretty funny, and I think that you will enjoy it.


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